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Amphetamines Addiction

Addiction to amphetamines is on the rise, partly due to an increased awareness of attention deficit difficulties in children. The kinds of medications prescribed to help hyperactive children calm down and focus produce a buzz or a rush in people who don't have these kinds of health issues. With regular use, a person taking one of these "uppers" can become addicted.

Mods, Punks and Dexy's

e's and whizz In the 1960s teenagers and more specifically mods enjoyed Dexedrine (dexies / dexy's midnight runners), Durophet (blackbombers) and Drinamyl (Purple Hearts after their blue and triangular shape) which combined amphetamine and barbiturate in one pill. Needless to say, society was not pleased by these reckless drug-addled teens, and by 1964 it was illegal to possess or import amphetamines. Manufacturing and prescription, however, were still okay. The Drinamyl Purple Heart was reshaped and renamed French Blues and continued to sell.