Crack Cocaine Mixing

Because those who use one drug may be tempted to try it in combination with another, there are some dangerous combinations that need to be pointed out. While no one would encourage crack cocaine to begin with, dangers can become fatal quite easily when combined with certain drugs.

Amphetamine/Methamphetamine - The combination with these drugs is deadly, due to the high likelihood for an overdose. Like crack, both of these drugs are central nervous system stimulants. Even a little bit of these with crack can cause fatal heart attack, seizure, or serious brain damage. The likelihood of serious, sometimes fatal, drug interactions and side effects becomes two and three times higher with this combination.

Alcohol - Sometimes an addict might use alcohol to come down from crack. This is a dangerous combination because the user may overindulge in one of the substances and create a bad reaction from overdose. If the user has been smoking crack for several days, they may not have eaten or slept. Under these conditions, alcohol will become much stronger than normal and seizure is possible. At the very least, judgment will become severely impaired, and the user should not attempt to drive or operate equipment, because their functioning is severely restricted.

Antidepressants - These drugs may have stimulant properties to them, creating a synergistic effect on the user. Incrementally increasing the properties of two stimulant drugs can be very dangerous, due to the increased stress on the heart and brain chemistry of the user. It is entirely possible for seizure activity and heart attack to occur.

Benzodiazepines - Those who are on prescription benzodiazepines should not consider including crack cocaine in their regimen. Due to the viability of the blood-brain barrier crossing properties of cocaine, permanent brain damage is often seen when this is the combination of drugs taken by the user. If you are on these medications, it is a dangerous idea to combine them with any other medication, let alone a fast-acting narcotic like crack. Drug interactions of this type are likely to cause heart and kidney failure.

Energy Drinks - These seemingly harmless beverages can be dangerous when combined with crack cocaine. The combined effects of the two, combined, is certain to create an intense hyper-manic type of high for the use. The risk here is again, for heart attack, panic attack, paranoia, and seizures.

Heroin/other narcotics - Heroin and cocaine have long been combined in what is known as a speedball. This is a deadly combination, due to the diverse nature of both drugs. One is a stimulant and one is a sedative/pain killer. The combination is deadly, due to the increased dangers of heart attack and stopping of breath.

Marijuana - A great number of those who smoke too much crack will attempt to “come down” with pot. While not a dangerous combination for medical purposes, marijuana can confuse and addle the mind of someone who may be experiencing drug-induced psychosis, making the symptoms much more frightening for both the user and those around them. If the user has been smoking crack for several days and has not slept or eaten properly, marijuana is possibly going to cause hallucinations and/or paranoid reactions for the user.

Tobacco - Many crack users smoke intensely when high. The stimulant effect of crack cocaine is conducive to chain smoking for many. Some users report that this is the only time they indulge in tobacco, because they are too high to do anything but sit and smoking takes the edge off the jittery high they get with crack. Because they smoke heavily while on crack, smokers are doing serious damage to their lungs, mouths, throats and respiratory systems. This is increased by the damage done with crack, due to the chemicals used to create rocks from powdered cocaine. Risks here are for toxic smoke inhalation, causing serious side effects, as well as cancer to the mouth, throat, lungs and other parts of the respiratory system in the user.

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