Free Alcohol and Drug Treatment Costs

Alcohol and drug treatment are like any medical treatment: expensive. Those who need it may find that the cost is considerably less expensive than living with addiction but still too high of a bill to pay without help. Is it possible to find addiction treatment? Can you get help covering the cost?

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Free Drug Treatment Costs: Is It Available?

Yes and no. There is no such things as free drug abuse help; somebody always picks up the bill, even if it isn’t you. There are programs that are completely state and federally funded that provide drug addiction treatment to those who can’t afford it or can only afford to pay a minimum amount based on a sliding scale corresponding to their income. Other drug treatment centers have a certain number of beds (or spots in their program) that are paid for by state or federally funded programs. These beds must go to certain populations depending upon which agency is paying for the bed. In order to fill one of these spots, you will need a referral from the paying agency or, in some cases, court.

Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab Costs: Should I Give Up?

No. If you are dependent upon finding free drug or alcohol treatment costs to get the medical treatment you need, you will be able to get help as long as you’re willing to do the work (and the waiting) to get it. The list is long for those few beds that are fully funded by the state, and location and availability is a big issue. There may be more treatment centers and therefore more free beds in those treatment centers in more metropolitan areas, but the wait list for them will be longer as well.

Most of the time you will be asked to follow a set of rules in order to prove that you really want the treatment. Some drug treatment facilities ask that you be completely free of all drugs and addictive medications (even those prescribed for pain) before you start treatment. Others ask that you check in with them daily to show that you still want the spot in their program. Others will ask you to start attending 12 step meetings and provide proof when you check in or call. Considering the thousands of dollars it will save you to get one of the beds in these programs, none of these tasks are too much to ask and they will always get you closer to a life that is free from drug addiction.

Free Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment Costs

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