Insurance and the Cost of Alcohol and Drug Treatment

One of the biggest concerns among people who are dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and know that they need drug rehab is insurance and the cost of drug treatment. Like every medical expense, drug addiction treatment is expensive and paying for it is a huge concern. Fortunately, health insurance should cover most if not all of the cost.

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Insurance and the Cost of Drug Treatment: What Does Your Insurance Cover?

Figuring out how much of the cost of drug treatment will be covered by insurance starts with inspecting the details of your policy. If it’s too intricate or you don’t understand the terminology, contact your insurance agent or human resources department if you get your insurance through work. You’ll need to know what the provisions are in the event of drug and alcohol addiction as this will vary significantly from policy to policy. Some insurance plans will only cover the cost of treatment at an inpatient drug rehab center in the event that physical addiction is an issue, but there may be certain requirements or stipulations like length of stay. Others may cover outpatient opiate detox or methadone maintenance but won’t cover addiction treatment that is solely psychological in focus. Deductibles still apply in the case of drug rehab, and if you need prescription medications during treatment, that will be a separate insurance issue and you may be responsible for co-pays and costs that exceed the policy limits.

Insurance and the Cost of Drug Rehab: What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance you are not without options. There are a number of different options available to low income people who need medical treatment, including drug and alcohol rehab. These include sliding scale options, public drug rehabs and nonprofit programs that offer referrals and assistance to specific populations dealing with drug addiction (i.e., women, teens, et cetera). Some drug rehabs also offer low income options, including scholarships or payment plans.

Insurance and the Cost of Alcoholism or Drug Addiction Treatment: Get Help

The Good Drugs Guide can help you find the right drug addiction treatment center for you. If your choice is based upon whether or not your insurance will be accepted or on the need for sliding scale options, The Good Drugs Guide can help point you in the right direction. Call the phone number listed above for more information.