Medicaid Addiction Coverage

Medicaid is a health program for low-income populations that is funded at both a federal and state level. Each state is funded by grants written for specific service provision in that state. During the grant (contract) period, the state provides these funds to each county, which has written grants stating how it will provide services, at what costs, and with strict adherence to funding guidelines. Substance abuse treatment differs from state to state. Some states provide direct service through inpatient or outpatient programs funded under contract with the county where they are located. Other counties keep services within their designated programs, which can include DUI schools, intense outpatient programs, jail programs, etc., all run by the county. In California, Medicaid is provided through MediCal, so that half of the funding comes through federal grants and half from the state itself. Most often it is funded for use by children and elderly. Therefore, limited benefits are available for adults seeking treatment. Full benefits are given for children who need treatment of substance abuse. However, there are few programs treating children who accept government contracts. Each person should contact their county mental health services to inquire about availability for funded treatment programsa. Residency in that county must be shown for several months prior to treatment. Homeless shelters and county drop-in centers are good resources for more information about services. If you would like assistance locating a specific drug and alcohol rehab in your area, contact The Good Drugs Guide at the phone number listed above today.