Native American Alcohol Rehab

The Native American community has seen its people ravaged by alcoholism over the past century. Thanks to the limits and inequities placed upon them by the American government, Native Americans have seen their job opportunities dwindle – which in turn has caused a rise in their alcohol addiction rates. To help combat the problem on reservations, and in small towns around the country, there are Native American alcohol rehab centers. These life-saving treatment facilities offer hope in the face of difficult odds – and often a strong genetic predisposition for alcoholism.

Latino and Hispanic Addiction Treatment in the United States

Latino and Hispanic Addiction Treatment in the United States The fastest growing demographic in the United States are Latino and Hispanic men and women. The Hispanic community has become a fully functioning part of the American fabric, yet is facing a number of struggles as they acclimate to this country. One of the biggest hurdles facing Latino men and women is addiction. Rates for alcoholism and drug addiction are higher than normal among Hispanic men and women around the country. The following information sheds some light on the current state of this problem and explains how Latinos can get help for their dependence and substance abuse issues.

Asian-American Alcohol and Drug Treatment

With the melting pot of the United States, there are a number of cultures that have become fully assimilated with the American fabric of society. Perhaps none have so fully taken advantage of everything this country has to offer like Asian-Americans. But where to Asian-Americans turn when they are struggling with addiction?

The Drug and Alcohol Rehab Needs of African-Americans

Of all the racial groups living in the United States, few have been as devastated by drugs and alcohol as African-Americans. The black community in America has, for many decades struggled with issues of addiction complicated by poverty, discrimination and the disintegration of the family structure. The following outlines some of these issues and present information that can help African-Americans of all socio-economic groups get the treatment help they need.