Helping your Boyfriend Find an Addiction Treatment Program

When you are in love, you are willing to overlook a number of things about your significant other. One thing that you should never look past, however, is your boyfriend’s addiction to drugs or alcohol. On the contrary, if you discover that your boyfriend or fiancé is living with addiction, it is absolutely imperative that you help them locate a professional drug or alcohol rehab center in your area.

Why YOU must help find Drug Rehab for your Boyfriend

Men who are living with a drug addiction are in a state of denial. Very rarely do they have the proper perspective required to stand up and ask for help on their own. That means, the burden falls on those closest to him – in this case, his loving girlfriend. It may be difficult to talk to your boyfriend about his addiction, but in order to save his life, it is absolutely essential.

Getting your Boyfriend into an Alcoholism or Drug Treatment Center

If talking to your boyfriend about his addiction fails to generate the desired results, you must take stronger measures. Many women will gather up the man’s friends and family and hold an intervention. An alcohol or drug intervention is a chance to confront the individual about his addiction – and show him how his actions are impacting the lives of those around him. The end goal of an intervention (in addition to getting him to admit his addiction) is to take him right from the meeting to a rehab center for admissions.

Supporting your Boyfriend during Drug or Alcohol Rehab

While you boyfriend is taking part in a rehab program, there are a number of ways to support him. If he is enrolled in an outpatient drug rehab program (where he attends treatment during the day, and then returns home in the evening) make sure you are doing everything possible to provide love and support. Listen to him as he explains what he is learning in the program. Speak with counselors about ways you can communicate with him in a productive, supportive manner.

If your boyfriend is living at a residential drug rehab center, visit him during approved hours and show your support for his willingness to break the cycle of addiction.

What to do after your Boyfriend’s Rehab Program is Complete

By no means should you be a passive part of your relationship. When your boyfriend completes alcohol or drug rehab, you are not going to want to act as if nothing has happened. Chances are, he has violated your trust during his addiction, and these are issues that will need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Take part in family counseling sessions to learn how to rebuild trust and help enhance his recovery at the same time.