When your Brother Needs Alcohol or Drug Treatment

Dealing with addiction can shake the foundation of even the strongest families.   And when the addicted individual is your brother, it can make matters even more complicated.   Siblings are bound together from a very young age – and when these bonds are threatened as a result of addiction, the entire family can suffer.

Does your Brother Need Drug Rehab at all?

Before you hold an intervention or admit your brother into a drug rehab program, you must first determine if they are suffering from an addiction.   Watch for the following signs and symptoms of addiction before making your final determination.

  • Stealing money from friends and family in order to support their habit
  • Lying about their whereabouts or disappearing for long stretches of time without explanation
  • Nervous or anxious behavior
  • Caught with drug paraphernalia
  • Suddenly poor performance at work or school

If your brother is exhibiting one or more of these behaviors, it may be time to call for an intervention.

A Drug or Alcohol Intervention for your Brother

The most effective way to take your brother from addiction and denial to rehab and recovery is an intervention.   An intervention is a meeting of friends and family of the addict with the sole purpose of getting him into an addiction treatment program.   By confronting the individual about his problem, the hope is that he will gain much needed perspective and ideally, admit that he is struggling with drug addiction.   Once an intervention is complete, the next step is to take your brother directly from the meeting to a drug rehab center.

Choosing an Alcohol or Drug Rehab Program for your Brother

Selecting the most appropriate alcohol or drug rehab program for your brother comes to down his lifestyle and treatment needs.   There are two major treatment formats to choose from:  residential and outpatient.

A residential alcohol or drug rehab center is a good choice if your brother is living in a destructive environment that is acerbating his drug or alcohol use.  With residential addiction treatment, the individual moves into a recovery center full time.   Living in this “safe zone” allows him to focus solely on his recovery – without the triggers found in the outside world.

An outpatient addiction treatment center is an appropriate choice if your brother has a less serious addiction, or if he needs to maintain a presence at home or work during his recovery.   With an outpatient rehab program, the individual attends treatment during the day, but then returns home in the evening to be near family and friends.