Gay Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

The gay community is currently suffering from a drug and alcohol crisis.   There are elements of the urban gay lifestyle that feature heavy drug use – a fact that can lead to a number of different health issues and concerns.   To help combat addiction among the men of these communities, there are gay drug and alcohol treatment programs.

The Current State of Gay Drug Addiction

With the gay community, many men feel more a part of their lifestyle when they engage in long, all night parties.   Often, illicit drugs fuel the parties and clubs that these men attend.   As a result crystal meth addiction and amphetamine addiction have both become a part of the gay lifestyle in many cities.

What makes this problem even more complex is that individuals who use crystal meth and other drugs are more likely to engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners.  For a demographic that is still at war with HIV/AIDS, the results are devastating.

What makes Gay Drug Addiction and Alcohol Treatment Unique?

The alcohol and drug rehab programs that work with gay men address a number of different issues.   Not only do they focus on the addiction itself, but also on issues of sexual identity that have influenced the individual’s behavior.   Despite advances, there is still a great deal of ignorance about the gay lifestyle in America.   Coping with the pain and confusion caused by this bigotry has led more than one gay man to drugs and alcohol.  

What Happens During Gay Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

During these rehab programs, the individual is first given a chance to detoxify – overcoming their physical addiction to drugs or alcohol in the process.  Next, there is counseling.   Counseling programs for addicted gay men are a chance to explore the reasons why they became addicted in the first place, and how that relates to issues of sexual identity and even peer pressure (the need to go out and party if you are to be socially accepted by your peers).  The final component of gay addiction treatment is aftercare.   In aftercare programs, the individual learns how to continue on with the lessons learned during rehab – particularly, how to live a happy and fulfilling life within the gay community without using drugs (even if it is accepted practice among friends and significant others).