Lesbian Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Although many people in the “straight world” are unaware of the situation, there has always been a historically serious alcoholism problem within the lesbian community.   And once binge drinking or chronic heavy drinking becomes an ingrained part of such a tightly knit community, it is difficult to shake loose with addiction treatment.   Lesbian alcohol rehab treatment helps address these addictions head on.

Alcoholism in the Lesbian Community

Years ago, being ostracized by much of society pushed lesbian women into the bars and private parties of our cities and towns.   This created a drinking subculture that still exists today.  As a result, many lesbian women develop alcoholism issues – and because the community does not frown it upon as a whole some women will fall deeper and deeper into addiction.

Alcohol Treatment for Lesbian Women

The most effective alcohol treatment programs for lesbian women are those that deal specifically with the issues facing the gay community.       Treatment centers that have group counseling sessions reserved for lesbian women are more likely to see patient open up in an honest fashion about their addiction – unafraid of the stigma that it may cause with those outside their circle.  

Beyond these unique counseling opportunities, there is nothing particularly unique about lesbian alcohol rehab.    Women are still expected to complete alcohol detox before continuing on with the program.   And therapy and counseling form the backbone of treatment – just as they do in “mainstream” care.   Aftercare programs at lesbian rehab may be somewhat different – as the challenges facing lesbian women who have completed rehab and face their old social situations may be unique to that demographic.

Still, the goal is the same:  enhance wellness and get the individual started towards the path of lifelong sobriety.

The Importance of Lesbian Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab in the lesbian community is crucial to health and well-being of all women.   When a social group accepts heavy alcohol use as a part of life, it makes it very difficult for someone in that group to quit.  Alcohol rehab is, for many lesbian women, the only way to break a very strong cycle of addiction.   If the woman does not reach out for help, there are no “check and balances” to help her in her life.   The result is a number of potential health issues including: heart problems, kidney and trouble and even death.   For many lesbian women, alcohol rehab is the only thing that stands between them and these serious issues.