When a Mother Needs Alcohol or Drug Treatment

When a Mother Needs Alcohol or Drug Treatment

Mothers of young children are perhaps the most important part of the family unit. But what happens when a woman is unable to care for those most important to her as a result of drug or alcohol addiction?

Why do Mothers not Seek Alcohol Rehab or Drug Treatment?

The main obstacle to treatment for mothers is often fear. Simply put, many women are afraid of losing their children, their family and even their careers if they seek addiction treatment. While this line of thinking seems irrational from the outside, it is easy to understand why many women feel this way, given the stigma placed upon addicted women by our society.

Inside Alcoholism Treatment and Drug Rehab for Mothers

When a woman enters into a rehab program, she does so for reasons different than that of a man. For example, women become addicted to drugs and alcohol because of issues such as co-dependent relationships, self-image issues and physical or sexual abuse. The programs that deal directly with these gender-specific issues are the ones who have the most success in treating women.

Moreover, research has consistently found that women engaged in gender-specific treatment programs respond more positively to addiction treatment. In particular, women’s group therapy helps create a strong sense of support and community among women that greatly enhances their recovery. Finally, there is an element of safety for women and their families in these gender-specific treatment programs. Living alongside men who are unfamiliar can create a sense of unease that pervades treatment. With women’s only care, this particular issue is moot – and the woman feels more at ease with her surroundings.

Supporting the Mother in Addiction Treatment

It is important to provide support for the woman who is brave enough to break the addiction cycle by entering into a rehab program. Husbands and other family members are urged to play an active role in treatment so that their wives can feel loved and supported during these difficult times. By taking part in family counseling programs, loved ones are greatly aiding the recovery process. After all, one of the reasons why women do not seek treatment is because they believe they will be shunned or scorned by those closest to them if their problem is exposed.

Mothers who complete drug or alcohol rehab are better equipped than ever before to be the head of their household. Without the constant need to lie about their condition – they have more time and energy to focus on their own well-being as well as that of their children. For many women who graduate from addiction treatment programs, the only question is: why did I wait so long to pursue treatment?