How to help your Wife find Drug or Alcohol Rehab

Imagine what it feels like to find out that your wife is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Anger, depression and stress can overcome a husband who is suddenly faced with a number of serious uncertainties, including:

  • What will happen to the marriage?
  • How will we survive financially?
  • How do I tell the children?
  • How can I get my wife the help she needs?

The last of these questions is certainly the most important. Knowing how to get your wife into the hands of professional care is tantamount to her recovery from addiction and her subsequent return to the family.

Does your Wife need Alcoholism or Drug Treatment?

In order to determine whether or not your wife needs an addiction treatment program, ask yourself the following questions about her behavior:

  • Does she seem distant or uninterested in the family?
  • Is she neglecting her duties at work or in the household?
  • Is she stealing money from friends or family?
  • Is she engaging in reckless behavior such as driving while under the influence?

Answering “yes” to one or more of these (or related) questions may mean that your wife does indeed have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The next steps involve talking to her in a frank manner about her problem, or calling for an intervention.

Choosing the Best Alcoholism or Drug Rehab for your Wife

Your wife is your best friend and primary caregiver. As such, you want to make sure that she enters into the most appropriate rehab program to meet her needs. Because safety is an important factor for women in drug or alcohol rehab, many families choose gender-specific treatment. These women-only treatment centers offer a safe place to live and heal. And studies have found that when women enter counseling surrounded by other women, they form a strong support structure that greatly enhances the healing process.

If your wife is charged with a number of responsibilities at home and work (and provided that her addiction is not making her a danger to herself or others) then she may opt for an outpatient rehab program. In outpatient care, the woman attends treatment during the day, but then returns home in the evening.

How long will your Wife be in Addiction Treatment?

The length of your wife’s addiction treatment program will depend upon the seriousness of her condition and the philosophy of the program itself. Many programs run a month or two – with the option to stay longer if needed. Some long term programs can last a full year or longer – especially if the woman is a risk for relapse.