The sheer number of choices available in drug and alcohol addiction treatment today can make the process of choosing the right facility overwhelming. The treatment style choices, the rehab center options , the treatment types available, the various combinations of both…it’s a lot to take on, even if you aren’t currently dealing with drug and alcohol addiction.

The Good Drugs Guide is here to help. We specialize in helping you find the drug and alcohol addiction treatment that will best suit your needs in terms of location, treatment options and cost. Call the number listed above for details.

Treatment Styles

Every treatment facility has an underlying philosophy or style that informs the way they shape and structure their program. Religious and spiritual drug rehab programs include services or prayer times according to the tenets of their beliefs. Alternative or holistic programs offer therapies that treat the mind-body connection as opposed to just treating physical addiction. Traditional treatment programs are usually based on the 12 step ideology.  Each one will offer different amenities, classes, and therapies that inform or support their treatment style.

Treatment Types

For every style of treatment available, there are multiple types to choose from. There are inpatient or residential treatments that provide room and board as well as detox and addiction treatment. Outpatient programs offer just addiction treatment through therapy, group sessions and educational classes without requiring an overnight stay. Some go for natural approaches to addiction treatment, while some prefer to undergo medical treatment. Other treatment types provide for certain services only or treat addiction to a specific drug or class of drugs.Each one has its own benefits and considerations and no one program will be right for everyone across the board. It’s important that you call and ask questions to get the specifics of what is provided by the facility you are interested in. If you are concerned that you might like to try an outpatient or inpatient program with the option to switch over if it doesn’t seem to be working for you, ask the center ahead of time for their guidelines as this, too, will vary from treatment center to treatment center.

Treatment: The Right One For You

Finding the right combination of treatment style and type is now your challenge. Would you prefer an inpatient Catholic drug and alcohol rehab? Are natural drug rehab programs more appropriate for you? Would an outpatient alternative treatment better suit your schedule? Do you require a detox-only medical treatment or would you like to find an addiction-only treatment program? Also, you should think about how you would pay for rehab. Will it be by alcohol and drug treatment insurance or some other payment mode? The choice is yours, but if you need help figuring out exactly which program will work best for you, The Good Drugs Guide can help. Call the number listed above for more information.

Detox and Addiction Rehabilitation

Are you or is someone you love dealing with drug or alcohol addiction? Do you have medical issues due to drug and alcohol abuse? Have you tried to quit drinking or using drugs but without success? Then medical treatment through detox and addiction rehabilitation should be your next step.

Inpatient Addiction Rehabilitation

Inpatient addiction rehabilitation—also known as residential addiction rehabilitation—is the most thorough and effective way to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Because it is a 24-hour treatment, an inpatient addiction rehabilitation provides for therapies and medical detox which address physical and psychological addiction to drugs and alcohol. If you or someone you love is dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, let The Good Drug Guide help you find an inpatient addiction rehabilitation center near you.

Outpatient Addiction Rehab

Outpatient addiction rehab offers a more loosely structured approach to drug and alcohol treatment, as well as a more affordable drug treatment, compared to an inpatient addiction rehab facility. By allowing you to return home each night and requiring that you be in attendance at the treatment center for specific classes and groups, you get the benefits of drug and alcohol rehab as well as the freedom to practice implementing what you learn in your daily life. If you are looking for an outpatient addiction rehab near you, The Good Drugs Guide can help.

Residential Rehab Centers

Residential rehab centers offer the three major components that make up an all-inclusive drug and alcohol addiction treatment: drug and alcohol detox, psychological addiction treatment, and aftercare services including sober living. Due to the wide variety of therapeutic amenities available in a residential setting, you can experience a personalized treatment program that would be impossible to achieve at less intensive rehab program. The Good Drugs Guide specializes in matching you with the right residential or non-residential drug and alcohol treatment center. For more information, contact the phone number listed above.