Medical Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The medical aspect of your drug and alcohol addiction treatment is essential to ensuring a successful drug rehab experience. If you are physically addicted to your drug of choice and experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using that drug, then you will require medical detox and addiction treatment.

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Medical Drug Addiction Treatment: Why It Is Necessary

When you use an addictive drug like crystal meth, heroin, prescription drugs and others regularly and for an extended period, your body comes to depend on the presence of that drug in its various systems. It adapts its chemical production and the way the different systems communicate with each other, regenerate and defend against illness based on this new substance. When you suddenly take it away, your body doesn’t have time to adapt. The result is any number of physical withdrawal symptoms that will vary depending upon your drug of choice and the dose you are at when you stop using, but can include everything from insomnia to nausea and vomiting, bone and muscle pain, headaches, cramping, sweating, irritability and more.

Medical Alcoholism and Drug Rehab Programs: Are They Enough?

The answer to this question will vary depending upon the individual. In very rare cases, it is possible to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism using only a medical detox or medical addiction treatment program. This is most common among those who are addicted to prescription painkillers and became dependent due to an extended doctor’s prescription after injury or surgery. Methadone clinics or a Suboxone detox may benefit the individuals who have managed to maintain a job or career and still have a stable family life despite drug and alcohol addiction.

In most cases, however, it recommended that medical addiction treatment be immediately followed up by treatment for mental and psychological addiction and cravings. Research shows that the longer you stay in treatment and the more comprehensive that treatment is, the more likely you will be to remain abstinent when you return home.

Medical Addiction Treatment

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