Sober House Living Guide

What is Sober House Living?

Sober living is a residence where recovering addicts can live in the weeks and months following the completion of their addiction treatment program, or during the program itself (in the case of an outpatient treatment facility). Sober living is NOT rehab – the individuals who live there are free to come and go as they please, and must

What are the Benefits of a Sober Living Program?

Sober living is all about making a smooth transition back into normal life. When drug or alcohol treatment is complete, the individual still faces many challenges. How will they respond to temptation? What is the status of their career? How will they rebuild broken trusted and damaged relationships? Addressing all of these issues at once can be overwhelming – especially when you consider that this is the first time in many years when the individual does not have access to their “drug crutch.”

Sober living homes are a place to live comfortably while addressing these issues one at a time. Living in a sober residence helps the individual cope with daily challenges, but in a controlled environment that still promotes sobriety and positive living.

What are the Rules at a Clean and Sober House?

Every sober house living facility runs on its rules. These rules and regulations help the residents of a sober living home stay safe, but even more importantly, help the individual re-learn the personal responsibility that may have been lost during their addiction.

The most common sober living house rules include:

  • No drugs or alcohol on the premises
  • No guests during non-approved hours
  • No guest may bring drugs, alcohol or other contraband into the facility
  • Everyone must perform their assigned household duties and chores
  • No sexual relations on the premises
  • No fighting
  • No unexplained absences from the facility
  • Everyone must abide by the agreed upon “lights out” time

While obviously, some of these rules are more vital to the safety and sobriety of residents than others, several can result in immediate expulsion from the facility if violated. This “zero tolerance” policy is another way that house coordinators maintain a safe, healthy living environment.

Where can Sober Living Communities be found?

There are currently sober living residences in almost every major city in America. These homes are usually located in normal residential areas and are notable only because they can so easily be mistaken for any, run-of-the-mill large family dwelling.