Over 14 million people in the United States suffer from either alcoholism or drug addiction.   Yet less than 2 million of these men and women ever see the inside of a professional drug and alcohol treatment center.  There are a number of reasons behind this gap, but perhaps most prominent among them is the fact that very few individuals ever reach out for help with their problem.

Drug and alcohol treatment help is often much closer than these people imagine.  The information below is designed to assist individuals in taking that first step and reaching out for a helping hand with their addiction or substance abuse problem.

Sources of Drug Rehab Help

The most common sources of drug and alcohol treatment help include:

  • Friends and family.   Many people are uncomfortable talking about their addiction, but it is precisely those people closest to the individual who can often provide the most help.   The unconditional love of family and friends means working tirelessly to find the best drug and alcohol treatment options for the individual.
  • Clergy.   Many religious individual feel comfortable talking to their clergymen and clergywomen about their addiction.   These individuals are usually qualified to help members of their congregation find the most appropriate drug and alcohol treatment help.
  • Medical professionals.   The family doctor is likely to know all the top alcohol and drug rehab facilities in the area – and often help their patients find the most appropriate form of treatment.   Similarly, psychiatrists and psychologists are usually among the first to know when someone is suffering from an addiction, and can help get that person into a nearby treatment center.
  • Drug and alcohol treatment centers.    Obviously, the most qualified addiction treatment help comes from the rehab facilities themselves.  These amazing entities provide a three-pronged attack on physical and psychological addiction to drugs that includes:
    • detox
    • counseling
    • Aftercare

Getting a Loved One Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Assistance

If you have a loved one who is suffering from a drug addiction or alcoholism (or both), you may be the best chance that individual has to break the dependency cycle.   Talk to your loved one about their addiction.  Reach out and tell them how much you care.   If that doesn’t change the situation, call for an intervention.  An intervention is a chance to gather family and friends together to express how the individual’s addiction is impacting those around them.   The idea is to get the addicted individual directly from the intervention right into treatment, so work with a professional interventionist and research drug and alcohol rehab centers in the area.  If the first attempt at intervention doesn’t work, don’t be discouraged.   It often takes more than one attempt to get the individual to understand that they need help.