Inpatient vs Outpatient Catholic Rehab

There are two basic types of Catholic drug and alcohol rehabs available to you: inpatient and outpatient. More than just residential versus nonresidential, the choice between an inpatient Catholic rehab and an outpatient Catholic rehab may have an effect on the efficiency of the treatment.

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Inpatient Catholic Rehab Centers

Inpatient Catholic rehab provides room and board on a 24-hour basis for those undergoing drug and alcohol detox and addiction treatment. Due to the need for heavy medical monitoring, inpatient drug and alcohol Catholic rehab is the only place you will find a medical detox off of drugs including alcohol, cocaine, opiates like heroin or prescription painkillers, and others. For those who experience physical withdrawal symptoms when they stop using their drug of choice, an inpatient Catholic rehab is ideal. It is also a good way to fight relapse during early recovery due to the constant supervision and strict requirements regarding visitors, outings and curfew.

Outpatient Catholic Drug Rehab Centers

Outpatient Catholic rehab does not provide room and board, but it does provide all the drug and alcohol addiction treatments that one would find at an inpatient program. The schedules vary heavily from program to program, but most will require a certain number of hours of attendance each week and few will provide for a detox of any kind. You can expect to attend psychological drug treatment and counseling, support group meetings, educational classes that teach relapse prevention techniques and explore a few different kinds of therapy geared toward helping you learn the coping skills to avoid relapse. Outpatient Catholic drug and alcohol rehabs are best for those who have already successfully graduated from an inpatient program but have suffered a relapse and those who are not physically addicted to their drug of choice.

Inpatient Catholic Alcohol Rehab Versus Outpatient Catholic Rehabilitation: Which is Right For You?

Deciding whether an inpatient Catholic rehab or an outpatient Catholic rehab is the right choice for you is one of the decisions you can make before you start the research process to expedite the process. Determining whether or not an outpatient or inpatient program will better serve your needs will also help you prepare your family and friends, your boss and others you have commitments to in the community. Though inpatient rehab is a significantly higher time commitment, both will tax your schedule as you heal from drug and alcohol addiction and those who are close to you will need to know that you will be unavailable.

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