Types of Christian Rehab

Christian drug and alcohol rehabs come in all shapes and sizes, just like secular addiction treatment facilities. You may opt for inpatient or outpatient, long-term or short-term, traditional or alternative holistic Christian rehab programs.

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Inpatient Christian Drug Rehab Facilities

Inpatient or residential Christian rehabs are exactly what they sound like: for the duration of your treatment, you will sleep, eat and recover at your drug and alcohol rehab facility. Some have a hospital feel to them, others are dorm-style, but there are many high-end Christian rehabs that offer luxury accommodations. No matter which one you choose, a residential drug rehab center has restrictions on when you come and go as well as communication with family and friends. Medical detox is a part of the program if necessary.

Outpatient Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient Christian rehabs all provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment but not detox. Each will have its own schedule and required time commitment. Most will ask that you attend 12-step meetings in addition to the educational and relapse prevention classes, therapy and group meetings they provide, but you will be allowed to return home to sleep each night. Random drug testing ensures that you don’t relapse during treatment.

Long-term Christian Rehab Programs

Long-term Christian rehab may last between 30 days and a year. These are the gold standard in drug and alcohol addiction treatment and may include a medical detox and aftercare services including sober living house programs.

Short-term Christian Addiction Rehab

Any Christian rehab that offers terms of treatment shorter than 30 days in duration are short-term. These are beneficial for those who simply want to “brush up” after a short relapse and have already successfully completed a long-term drug and alcohol treatment program in the past.

Traditional Christian Based Rehab Centers

Traditional Christian rehab is generally based on the 12-step treatment module. These drug and alcohol treatment centers build their programs around the 12 steps that you follow, the notion of sponsorship and the benefits of service in the community.

Holistic Christian Rehab Program

Holistic Christian rehabs usually provide the 12 steps treatment module as an option or even as a basis for their treatment due to the basic tenet of trusting in a Higher Power. However, they supplement this program with alternative therapies and treatment that speak to the many different facets of life and experience that are adversely affected by drug and alcohol addiction. The connection between the mind, body and spirit is a great focus of these treatments as well as the underlying spiritual concepts and physical recovery.

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