Hinduism Rehab Options

There are a few different types of Hindu drug and alcohol rehab that you can choose from if you are looking for a religious drug rehab in your area. Inpatient and outpatient Hindu rehabs are available, as are holistic or traditional Hindu drug treatment centers. It’s just a matter of finding the place that will provide you with the medical treatment you need for your circumstances.

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Hindu Rehabilitation: Inpatient or Outpatient

An inpatient Hindu drug and alcohol rehab allows you the quiet and isolation that you need to really focus on yourself and your recovery without the constant reminder of stressful situations at home. By providing room and board as well as expectations in terms of your abstinence, schedule requirements and curfew, the staff at your Hinduism rehab will help you to stick to your goals of remaining drug-free while providing you with the tools you need to continue to do so after you return home.

An outpatient Hindu drug and alcohol treatment center will usually require you to be drug-free without withdrawal symptoms when you begin the program. Because you are allowed to return home each night, there are usually random drug tests to make sure that you are remaining clean and sober. You will also be asked to attend the program classes, group meetings and therapy sessions each day.

Hinduism Rehabs: Holistic or Traditional

Most Hinduism rehabs by nature are traditional, meaning that they are based on the 12-step method of recovery due to that particular treatment modules belief in a Higher Power. Depending upon where they get their funding, they may have other restrictions as well as religious restrictions as to the types of therapies that they offer.

Holistic Hinduism drug rehab centers, on the other hand, usually offer 12-step treatment and all the amenities you will find at a traditional facility, but it complements this philosophy with alternative drug rehab options. For example, you may find acupuncture and yoga, bodywork and meditation, outdoor adventure therapy courses, dramatic and art therapies, et cetera.

Hinduism Rehab Programs: Are They For You?

Whether you opt for an inpatient holistic Hindu drug and alcohol rehab or an outpatient traditional Hindu treatment center, deciding which one will work best for you should be a personal decision based on your drug history.

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