Preparing for Islam Rehab

Before heading off to Islamic rehab, you may have a bit of trepidation about what to expect, what you will miss while you are gone and whether or not you will be able to complete the program successfully. To best get a handle on these feelings, take a moment to prepare yourself to go to an Islamic drug and alcohol rehab mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Prepare for Muslim Rehab Mentally

Quieting your mind so that your fears don’t drown out your understanding that your body needs medical treatment at an Islamic rehab is essential to both your physical and psychological health. Try to do things that relax you that are not harmful: take walks, spend time reading or in meditation, watch your favorite movies. If you have a therapist, see him or her or go to a 12 step meeting. Get lots of rest, if you can, and drink lots of water. Avoid binging on your drug of choice before you go or staying out all night the night before.

Physical Preparation For An Islamic Rehab Program

Getting lots of rest and drinking lots of water don’t just help you prepare mentally for Islamic rehab; it helps you prepare physically as well. Many view a pending enrollment in drug and alcohol treatment as a license to use anything and everything they can get their hands on. Many overdose or make themselves extremely sick as a result. Instead, try to start cutting back on your drug of choice or eliminating supplemental drugs or alcohol that you use in addition to your primary drug of addiction. The sooner you start cutting back in preparation for your stay, the easier your detox will be.

Emotionally Prepare for Islam Addiction Recovery

How you prepare emotionally is somewhat more individual than how you prepare physically or mentally for your stay in an Islamic drug and alcohol rehab. If you have a therapist, you may consider scheduling an appointment before you go. Talk to your close friends and trusted family members who do support you in your decision to enroll in an Islamic drug and alcohol rehab. Let them know how they can contact you. Though you may be unable to call them for the first part of your treatment if you choose an inpatient Islamic drug and alcohol rehab, you will be able to see them on visiting days and they may be included in drug rehab group therapy or family therapy sessions.

Islam Rehabs: Find One Near You

If you would like help finding an Islamic drug and alcohol treatment facility near you, the Good Drugs Guide can help you. Call the phone number listed above for more information.