Does Your Loved One Need a Jewish Rehab?

A family member in crisis with drug and alcohol addiction is devastating to not only the individual suffering from the disease but to those who love and care for him or her. Determining the extent of the problem with drug and alcohol addiction can be difficult if your loved one is secretive about his or her use, but taking the time to really pay attention to the details, getting to the bottom of the problem and eventually conducting a drug rehab intervention can be the best thing you ever do for your loved one. Does your loved one need a Jewish rehab?

8 Signs Your Loved One Needs a Jewish Rehabilitation Program

Though abuse of drugs and alcohol may be obvious, it may not be as clear when the issue has become a medical problem that requires treatment at a Jewish rehab. Some signs that your loved one is in need of the medical treatment that they will find at a Jewish drug and alcohol rehab center include:

  • Missing work and/ or school due to being hung over, staying out all night or staying up for days at a time using drugs and alcohol
  • Problems in significant relationships (i.e., children, parents, spouse or partner) due to behavior while under the influence
  • Financial and/ or legal problems due to behavior under the influence or crimes perpetrated to pay for drugs of addiction
  • Lying about being under the influence or lying about the extent of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms without regular drug and alcohol intake
  • Extreme mood swings ranging from depressed and withdrawn to manic
  • Behaving in ways that are out of character for no apparent reason (i.e., stealing money or other items from family members, treating loved ones badly, no longer showing interests in hobbies and events that used to hold their attention)
  • Sleeping often or spending a great deal of time isolating away from family and friends

If your loved one exhibits a combination of these symptoms and you know they are using drugs and alcohol regularly, then a Jewish rehab may be the right choice.

Jewish Addiction Treatment: Heritage and Healing

Choosing a Jewish rehab is a choice that provides your loved one with the medical drug and alcohol detox and addiction treatment that they need while providing them with a strong spiritual foundation in recovery. If you would like to learn more about how you can help your loved one get into a Jewish rehab or if you are interested in finding a Jewish rehab in your area, let The Good Drugs Guide help. Call the number above today.