Spiritual based rehabs offer everything that a secular drug and alcohol treatment facility provides: drug and alcohol detox, addiction treatment, and aftercare services. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about spiritual based rehabs. If you would like assistance finding a spirit based rehab in your area, contact The Good Drugs Guide at the phone number listed above.

How are spirit based rehabilitation centers different from traditional rehabs?

The only difference you will find at a spirit based rehab as compared to its more traditional cousin is a more pronounced emphasis on the spiritual side of recovery. Almost all rehab facilities, whether it's an inpatient or an outpatient drug rehab center, will at least address the spirit and a belief in something larger than oneself, unless they are specifically anti-religious.

Are spirit based rehab programs effective?

Yes. As long as they provide the medical detox and addiction treatment that you would find in any other facility, you can rest assured that spirit based rehabs will be just as effective as other kinds of centers. The addition of spiritual focus is usually added onto other amenities and is not a choice that replaces the necessary psychological and physical addiction treatment you need.

What can I expect to happen at a spirit based rehab facility?

Just like at any certified treatment center, a spirit based rehab will offer you drug and alcohol detox first if you are physically addicted to your drug of choice. Next, you can expect to begin a regimen of therapies, group meetings and continued medical monitoring according to your treatment goals. Prayer and meditation times as well as religious services are usually a part of this. When you successfully complete the program, you will be given the option of drug rehab aftercare services.

Do spirit based rehab centers provide medical treatment?

In most cases, yes. Just like any rehab, the services, treatments and amenities they offer will vary depending upon their focus in treatment, but spirit based rehabs do not preclude medical treatment nor do they guarantee it. Each one is different, so make sure that your spirit based rehab of choice offers the medical treatment and therapies that you need.

Do I have to remain drug free at a spirit based rehabilitation center?

Yes. The focus of a spirit based rehab is abstinence, just like most drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. The benefit of a spirit based rehab is that they offer an additional tool to help you remain drug-free: the support and assistance of your religion.

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