You have a number of options in alternative drug rehab facilities. Each program has a philosophy and treatment focus all its own as well as different amenities and services to provide. There are some basic distinctions among alternative drug rehabs that will help you narrow down your choices and more quickly identify the alternative drug rehab that is best for you or your loved one.

Outpatient Alternative Drug Rehab

Outpatient alternative drug rehab facilities offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment through day and/ or evening educational classes and support groups. The daily schedule is usually less rigorous than that of an inpatient alternative drug rehab center, but still requires attendance for some length of time each day. Whether the time is spent in personal therapy sessions, in support groups or learning more about the nature of drug and alcohol addiction through videos, speakers and classes, outside 12-step group meetings are usually a requirement as well and random drug testing is done to ensure continued sobriety.

Inpatient Alternative Drug Rehab

Inpatient alternative drug rehab facilities provide everything that an outpatient alternative drug rehab program provides with the added benefit of 24-hour support. Onsite staff and peers who are also in recovery provide a network of support that is vital in early drug addiction treatment. Additionally, separating yourself from the stresses and people who enabled you to keep your addiction alive is important to allow you the space to focus on yourself and heal.

Alternative Drug Rehab and Aftercare Services

Whether you choose an inpatient or outpatient alternative drug rehab center, aftercare services are usually a part of your program. After you graduate from your drug rehab program, you will continue to keep in touch with the facility via offsite check-ins over the phone, on-site face-to-face check-in appointments and/ or sober living. Sober living allows you to maintain the high level of security that comes with being in an alternative drug rehab center without the structured daily schedule.

Alternative Drug Rehab: Which One is Right for You?

Choosing the right alternative drug rehab program for you will depend largely upon your particular circumstance. In most cases, a stay at an inpatient drug rehab center is recommended but there are situations where you will get everything you need from an outpatient program and be able to maintain your commitment to work and family at the same time.

You have a wide range of choices in alternative drug rehab. Call the number listed above for more information about what is available to you.