Some people can thrive in any addiction treatment environment, while others require more – specifically, more amenities, more privacy and more personal attention.   For these individuals, exclusive drug and alcohol rehab is the best way to approach addiction treatment.

But is exclusive drug and alcohol treatment for you?  The following information will shed some light on this question, as well as allow us a peak behind the high walls of these private rehab centers.

The Benefits of Exclusive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

  • Privacy.  The staff at private drug and alcohol treatment centers values their patients’ privacy.   Checking into one of these high-end treatment facilities, individuals can rest assured that their anonymity will be maintained throughout their time at the facility.  (This is the reason why many celebrities prefer exclusive treatment centers to standard, mainstream facilities).
  • Top Amenities.   As a general rule, no expense is spared in terms of the amenities available at exclusive drug and alcohol treatment centers.   Guests can expect an environment that include:
    • Comfortable furniture and beds
    • Healthy gourmet cuisine
    • Private rooms
    • Spacious surroundings
    • Personal trainers
    • Specialize holistic programs
    • Personal nutritionists
  • Personal attention.   The staff-to-patient ratio at exclusive drug and alcohol treatment centers is always lower than that found at standard facilities.  Much more than just window-dressing, this lower ratio means that treatment professionals can spend more time with each of their patients, leading to a more effective (and individualized) treatment plan.

The Cost of Exclusive Drug and Alcohol Treatment

There are significant costs attached to these exclusive programs.   Fees of several thousand dollars per month are a barrier to most families (many of whom are already in difficult financial straits due to the addiction of their loved one) and not uncommon in this area of the industry.   To help offset some of the cost of treatment, a number of exclusive drug treatment centers are offering financing options.   These loan programs do not remove the cost, but do make it easier for families to get back on their feet while their loved one is enrolled in the program.

Where can Exclusive Drug and Alcohol Treatment be Found?

There are exclusive drug and alcohol rehab centers all around the United States.   Most of them however, can be found in the more bucolic parts of the country.  Areas such as Malibu, Palm Springs, South Florida, Arizona and the Carolinas where natural beauty is abundant – and provides a daily inspiration for the recovering addict.