Court Ordered Drug and Alcohol Rehab

More and more, judges are handing down sentencing that includes ordered drug and alcohol rehab programs. Whether the individual is guilty of a DUI or public drunkenness, the end result is often thirty days in treatment – the hope being that they will learn important lessons about sobriety and break the addiction cycle in the process.

What is Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Court-ordered addiction treatment programs are those in which a judge forces the individual to attend a rehab program either as part of, or in lieu of jail time. These rehab programs are designed to help the individual get their life back on the right track – and are generally handed down when a judge feels that the individual will not attend treatment on their own (without being compelled by the court).

Tips for Successful Court Ordered Addiction Treatment

If an individual enters into a court-ordered rehab program, there are certain things they need to do in order to get the most out of the program. First and foremost is to have a positive attitude. Just because someone is compelled by the court to enter treatment does not mean that they should fight back against those who are trying to help them. This is too important an opportunity. It is those individuals who understand this fact that attend every counseling session ready to work who get the most out of treatment.

Different types of Court Ordered Drug Rehab

In many cases, the judge allows the individual to make their own choices about what treatment program they will attend (provided that the treatment center is on an approved list of facilities). Many choose residential treatment (provided they can afford it – the court does not pay for treatment) because of the round the clock care and top amenities at the location. Some, however, will opt for outpatient drug rehab so that they can be near friends and family at the end of the day when treatment is complete.

How long are Court Ordered Alcohol Treatment Programs?

Just like any alcohol or drug rehab programs, court ordered addiction treatment length varies according to the facility in question. Some programs last one or two months (the majority) while long-term care for more serious cases may last a year or longer. These longer programs help individuals who have a recurring relapse issue, or have become such a danger to themselves that the additional time in care is essential.