Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

While the majority of individuals who enter an addiction treatment program do so of their own volition (or with coaxing from an intervention) there are a number of people who have no choice in the matter. They are in alcohol and drug rehab as part of a mandatory court order forcing them to take part as an alternative to jail or other forms of punishment.

Getting the Most out of Mandatory Addiction Treatment

Just because you have been given a judge’s order for treatment doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit greatly from drug and alcohol rehab. After all, this may be the best chance you ever have to overcome your physical and psychological addiction to drugs or alcohol. Consider the following tips from those who have been there.

  • Have a positive attitude. Don’t waste precious energy fighting back against the very people who are trying to help you. Just because you have been compelled to enter treatment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be an active participant in your own recovery.
  • Take advantage of optional programs. If there is an opportunity during treatment to take part in holistic drug rehab programs, exercise regimens or nutritional counseling, we urge you to do so. All of these peripheral programs are designed to enhance overall wellness and speed up the addiction recovery process.
  • Be honest. No counselor or therapist in the world can help you unless you are totally honest with them about your condition. Speak up about your past experiences and they will be better equipped to help you heal.

Different Types of Mandatory Alcohol and Drug Rehab

When a judge orders you into treatment, they may have a specific program in mind. However, most of the time, you are given some freedom in the type of program you choose. The most elemental choice of mandatory rehab comes down to one of two types: residential or outpatient.

  • Mandatory residential rehab. These programs remove you from your harmful environment and place you into healthier surroundings where you can focus solely on your recovery. These programs can last a month or longer and require you to put your life on hold while you live in the facility.
  • Mandatory outpatient rehab. Some people are unable to drop everything and enter into a residential addiction treatment program. In these instances, the court may order you into an outpatient center where you attend counseling during the day and then return home to be near family and friends in the evening.