The best alcohol and drug rehab programs believe very strongly in the work that they do.     Some feel SO strongly about their success rates that the will actually offer their patients a guarantee.   Guaranteed alcohol and drug rehab programs are growing in popularity as more treatment centers are looking to attract patients in a market space that is growing more and more crowded by the day.

But what is the story behind these rehab guarantees?  Do they really work?  And what should individuals know before they enroll in a program that offers one.

How do Alcohol and Drug Rehab Guarantees Work?

Very few treatment guarantees are true “money back” guarantees.   Instead, the usually allow the individual to re-enter, or continue on with their treatment plan if they do not meet their treatment goals or the promises made by the facility in terms of recovery achievements.

The guarantees offered by alcohol and drug rehab programs are always clearly defined – either in the contract agreement signed by the patient, or on the treatment center’s website (on a page devoted to the guarantee, or in a terms and conditions page).

Tips on Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program Guarantees

Enrolling into an alcohol or drug rehab program is a significant financial investment.  Here are three important tips you should know before signing up.

  • Beware of overpromising rehab centers.  If a rehab center is promoting a treatment guarantee that seems to good to be true, it probably is.   Be sure to do your homework about the facility and its customer service record.
  • Always read the fine print.   The secrets to any rehab treatment guarantee can usually be found in the fine print.   Read all the legalese on your contract (or on the website) if you are wondering about the specifics of the guarantee.
  • Try your hardest to get it right the first time.   Just because the addiction treatment is guaranteed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to your hardest to get the most out of the program.   Remember, the guarantee is merely a “fall back plan” to help individuals feel more comfortable about the level of care they are receiving.

If you’re smart, and manage expectations properly, you will be able to find a reputable alcohol or drug rehab center that offers a real, reliable guarantee.   But remember, the guarantee is no reason to choose an addiction treatment facility.  It is much more important to choose an alcohol or drug rehab center that best meets your needs and offers you the best chance at recovery.   Without that, all the guarantees in the world will not make a difference.