A holistic drug rehab is a facility that offers a drug addiction treatment program that addresses the four major effects of drug abuse and drug addiction: physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. Traditional drug rehab centers primarily provide a basic medical service to treat the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug addiction and a secondary psychological treatment to help you learn relapse prevention techniques. Holistic drug rehab programs, on the other hand, go much deeper than this, offering an extensive, multi-faceted drug addiction treatment that treats the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms.

Holistic Drug Rehab: Physical Drug Addiction Treatment

Before anything else, an holistic drug rehab will address the physical aspects of addiction. Stabilizing your medically is the first priority and will usually include an holistic detox. Lots of sleep, water, and organic foods as well as any medications that are necessary due to your individual circumstance are characteristic of an holistic drug detox. An organic diet with meals designed for continued detox will continue throughout treatment as well as regular medical checkups.

Holistic Drug Rehab: Emotional Drug Addiction Treatment

Drugs and alcohol wreak havoc on emotional development. Research shows that emotional growth stops when drug addiction sets in. Depending upon the length of addiction, this can mean that you are years behind where you should be in terms of emotional preparedness and health. An holistic drug rehab offers talk therapy and behavioral therapy to help you start closing the gap between where you should be and where you are now. 

Holistic Drug Rehab: Spiritual Drug Addiction Treatment

Spirituality, too, suffers during drug addiction, and spiritual drug rehab programs are also important to help restore or rejuvenate one's spirituality. Holistic drug rehab programs offer you a safe place to explore what you believe, whether you have specific religious convictions or a more general notion of a higher power. There will be time set aside for activities that promote mind-body connection and awareness including yoga and meditation.

Holistic Drug Rehab: Mental Drug Addiction Treatment

Mental health is of crucial importance during drug addiction treatment. Addressing the psychological changes that occur chemically during prolonged drug abuse and addiction as well as the more basic lack of clarity are important parts of getting better. Different therapeutic options provided during holistic drug rehab and treatment will allow you to ascertain the extent of your mental issues and get treatment whether you are experiencing mild depression or serious panic and anxiety, bipolar disorder or major depression.

Holistic Drug Rehab: Is it Right for You?

Choosing an holistic drug rehab that will address the many levels of effect of drug addiction is the best first step you can make toward a productive and healthy drug addiction treatment. If you need help breaking free from drug and alcohol addiction, don’t wait to get the help you need. Start today.