CEO Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The Chief Operating Officer of a corporation is the heart and soul of the operation. Long-term strategies and daily detailed decision-making alike flow from the corner office of the CEO – who must always be on top of his or her game. But what happens when that individual develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol? For these executives, CEO drug and alcohol treatment provides a comprehensive solution.

Why CEOs need Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The pressures of being at the top of a large company can impact CEOs in a number of different ways. Some turn to exercise or their hobbies as a means of relieving stress, while other begin to use drugs and alcohol as a means of self-medicating. In this challenging economic environment, more and more CEOs are under fire – meaning that more will look to escape or cope with their stress through the use of illicit substances.

The Importance of CEO Drug and Alcohol Treatment

A great deal of responsibility rests on the shoulders of a top corporate executive. And while these men and women are people just like the rest of us, what they do on a daily basis impacts the lives of thousands of people – from the stock room worker to the grandmother who’s life savings is tied up in company stock. CEO drug and alcohol treatment programs are important because they help these trusted individuals achieve wellness, and regain the focus and commitment to excellence that put them in their position in the first place.

How long does CEO Drug and Alcohol Treatment Take to Complete?

In terms of length, CEO addiction treatment programs vary according to the philosophy of the program and the needs of the individual. Some programs – both residential and outpatient – may only take a month to complete. Others can last a full-year. These long-term addiction treatment options are designed to help those who suffer from reoccurring relapse issues, or have become a danger to himself and others as a result of his addiction.

How much does CEO Drug and Alcohol Treatment Cost?

Most CEOs choose drug and alcohol treatment programs that offer high-end amenities and are located in the most magnificent settings in the United States. These luxury addiction treatment centers can cost the individual (or her company) anywhere from several thousand dollars per month to several thousand dollars per week. Of course, the cost of these programs varies, and not every choose private, exclusive addiction treatment – but these are the trends for those who make it to the top of the business ladder.