There are a number of jobs that are, according to statistics, predisposed to drug and alcohol addiction.   These careers may be just fine for the majority of individuals who choose to pursue them, but for some the stress and emotional strain of the position can lead to addiction.

What are the Occupations that need Specific Addiction Treatment?

The following occupations all share a common trait:  they are so stressful, or cause so much emotional strain, that specific drug and alcohol treatment programs have been created to help the men and women who do them cope with their addiction.

  • Police officer.  It is difficult for a police officer not to be impacted by what they see on a daily basis out in the street.  Some develop alcohol or drug addictions (a dangerous proposition out in the street) and need specialize rehab care from professionals who understand the mind of a cop.
  • Firefighters.  Like police officers, these selfless individuals give everything in order to protect our communities.   But they also are faced with horrors on the job that we can’t even imagine.   To cope with the stress, addiction to drugs or alcohol may rear its head.
  • Air Traffic Controllers.  Another job where people’s lives are constantly at stake.  Tales of ATC drug addiction are harrowing – making their unique addiction treatment programs that much more important.
  • Military Personnel.   There is nothing more stressful than battle.  In fact, even time spent waiting for battle can induce stress if the soldier is far from home.   Drug addiction in the military is at an all-time high, and armed forces-sponsored treatment programs are working hard to keep our soldiers healthy and focused for the uncertain times ahead.
  • Corporate Executives.   Believe or not, CEOs and other high level executives are all at risk for developing drug addictions and alcoholism.   The pressure of running a large company, and being responsible for the livelihoods of so many individuals, can lead many right to addiction.   CEOs often choose luxury drug and alcohol treatment as a means of overcoming these issues.

What goes on During Occupational Addiction Treatment?

These occupation-specific drug and alcohol treatment programs all cover the core elements of rehab, including: detox, counseling and aftercare.  In addition, they work with the individual to help them return to their job and work in as healthy a manner as possible.  The result are vital workers who enjoy their jobs more and cope with stress on the job in such a way that it is both healthier and free of drug or alcohol abuse.

CEO Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The Chief Operating Officer of a corporation is the heart and soul of the operation. Long-term strategies and daily detailed decision-making alike flow from the corner office of the CEO – who must always be on top of his or her game. But what happens when that individual develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol? For these executives, CEO drug and alcohol treatment provides a comprehensive solution.

Military Drug Treatment and Alcohol Rehab

The men and women of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines make the ultimate sacrifice for our country – putting themselves in harms way to protect our freedoms. But what happens when these brave individuals become addicted to drugs or alcohol? Who will be there to help them when they see their lives thrown into disarray as a result of addiction? Military drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed to meet the unique needs of our servicemen and women  Drug Addiction in The Military Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the rate of drug addiction in the U.S. Armed Forces. There are a number of reasons for this increase that are tied to our current overseas conflicts, including:

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for your Co-Worker

Friends and family aren’t the only one who are in a position to reach out and help someone is living with alcoholism or drug addiction. If you are part of a business team, you co-worker can be a trusted ally, partner and friend. So when they become dependent upon drugs and alcohol, there is a natural desire to reach out and lend them a helping hand.

Executive Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Life at the top of the corporate ladder may seem like a dream come true.  And although there are a number of perks and benefits enjoyed by the men and women of the corner office, there are also a number of serious stressors that impact the lives of these executives.   A crumbling economy, shifting global marketplace and constant need for downsizing have placed a tremendous amount of additional pressure on the corporate executive – which in turn has led many to seek solace in drugs or alcohol.