Ecstasy Mixing

As a general rule, don't mix Ecstasy with other drugs, especially alcohol. Deaths involving contaminants are rare but do happen, as do deaths involving drug cocktails: ecstasy-DXM and ecstasy-cocaine-Viagra are current potentially dangerous mixes.

Please note: there have been very few scientific studies into the effects of combining psychoactive drugs. The information presented here is anecdotal. It is based on the subjective reports of experienced users. Different people will respond differently to different drugs and drug combinations. Know your body.

alcohol reduces the clarity of the E high; places a greater strain on the kidneys; delays onset; heavy drinking can lead to dehydration and a much worse come-down; makes overheating much more likely; alcohol is involved in most Ecstasy-related deaths

amphetamines commonly used to prolong the energized ecstasy state but too much places a greater strain on the kidneys and heart; can also lead to anxiety, paranoia and burnout

antidepressants some research suggests that SSRI-type anti-depressants (such as Prozac) taken after E may reduce neurotoxicity. Many SSRI users report weaker E trips. MAOI (mono amine oxidase inhibitor) type anti-depressants should be avoided

cannabis used to help bring on the high, it mellows the intense rushes and helps with the come-down; makes the ecstasy more psychedelic

heroin smoking heroin to come down after a hard weekend's partying, usually on a number of drugs rather than just E, is becoming slightly more popular, but not to the level reported in the media

ketamine can overpower the ecstasy very easily, and tends to leave the user sitting in a corner staring at the ceiling for an hour; increasingly used to transform the last few hours of the E into a contemplative, calming-down period or to 'bump' up the effect

LSD aka "Candyflipping"; more common in America, extremely psychedelic, less chance of a bad LSD trip.

mushrooms same results as LSD; sometimes known as "flowerflipping"

tobacco many smokers smoke more heavily while on E, but there are no adverse side effects

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