Ecstasy Safe Dancing

We recommend that you do not use Ecstasy. Visit our Ecstasy effects page to learn why. But if you if you are in the company of individuals using Ecstasy or are actually planning to use yourself, be aware of these safety precautions, especially when you're on the dance floor so that your risk of becoming a statistic is lessened. Again, the best choice is not using and avoidance of those who do.

drink water

The recommended amount of water to drink is 500ml for every hour of dancing. Remember: sip, don't gulp. Do not drink too much water.

drink fruit juices

They are more efficient in replacing lost nutrients. Avoid fizzy drinks as they can cause nausea.

take Vitamin C

It's an antioxidant and will prevent MDMA neurotoxicity. Take large amounts of it (500-2000mg) before, during and after. Avoid Vitamin C tablets with artificial sweeteners (see below)


avoid 'diet' drinks

In fact, any drink containing artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame). They contain phenylaline, a substance which increases the neurotoxicity of MDMA

avoid alcohol

It increases body temperature, makes the kidneys work much harder and gives a much worse come-down. Almost all Ecstasy-related deaths have involved alcohol.

take breaks

rising body temperature is the most dangerous physical aspect of Ecstasy use. Take regular breaks from dancing to cool down. If possible, go outside.


don't mix pills

Avoid mixing pills in the same session to reduce the chance of impurity interactions, or being flattened by two pills with radically different strengths

watch the dose

never take more than two pills, less if you are female and / or you have a small build. Never take two at the same time. The more MDMA you take, the more likely you are to suffer from overheating, neurotoxic effects and memory impairment.

get pills tested using a testing kit

Many users lick pills before buying them in an attempt to identify the taste, but speed and MDMA have almost identical tastes. You can find out about testing kits here.


keep groups of friends together

This should be done especially among inexperienced users. Also, be prepared to talk people through bad times (see our bad trip guide for more details)

leave time between regular Ecstasy use

At least a one-month gap between Ecstasy use is advisable, although a two- or three-month break is much more preferable. This will help keep your tolerance levels down.

Now with all this information, you might say that, "So you say I shouldn't use, but you provide tips. Why?"

The simple reason is that drug users are not often persuaded from doing something by reading a web page. Our goal is to provide information about the effects and addiction risks of Ecstasy, and Ecstasy addiction treatment options that are useful to those in need, and our tips are merely here to help keep those set on using from succumbing to common pitfalls and dangers of usage.

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