Heroin Drug Tests

Drug tests are becoming more common among employers who want to be sure that the person they are considering hiring or who is already on their roster of employees is not using any illegal substances. The issue of drug testing may come up as part of the hiring process. An employer may make a conditional offer of employment to a candidate, with the caveat that the individual must pass a drug test before starting work.

Current employees may be asked to undergo a drug test on a random basis. The employer may also ask a worker to submit to a drug test following an accident on the job or when there is a suspicion or evidence that the employee is using drugs. Even if a person passes the initial screening phase, it does not mean that he or she can resume using and assume that the drug addiction will never come to light.

Heroin Length of Time in System: Saliva, Urine, Hair

Urine Drug Tests for Smack

Heroin and other opiates such as morphine and opium are detectable by standard drug tests on urine between 24 and 48 hours after use. A urine test is the most commonly-used method, since it is both relative inexpensive and easy to administer.

A drug urine test is made up of two components. The first stage is to have the individual provide a urine sample under tightly controlled conditions.

The subject will likely be asked to go to a testing facility where he or she will need to remove street clothing and put on a hospital gown. This step virtually ensures that a clean sample from someone else is not smuggled in to the testing center and substituted fort the subject's urine.

Once the subject has changed into the gown, he or she is escorted to the testing area. This is likely a washroom where the water in the toilet tank has been dyed so that an attempt to water down the sample by adding toilet water will be quite obvious. The taps at the sink won't be any help to a person intending to use that source of liquid to alter the sample, since the water supply to them will have been shut off. A staff member will be waiting nearby to take the sample once it has been provided, and standard protocol is to test it to confirm that the temperature is consistent with normal body temperature.

A negative reading on a drug test doesn't mean that there is no heroin in the subject's system. It simply means that the sample taken didn't record a level higher than the threshold published by the Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs. For opioids like heroin, the cutoff is 2000 nanograms per milliliter.

If the initial urine test is positive for drugs, including horse, it is repeated. A second result of 2000 ng/ml means the positive test stands and the subject will be facing consequences, and none of them will be good.

Other Drug Tests for Horse

Urine tests are not the only testing method used to detect the presence of opioids. A blood test will reveal the presence of H or other drugs in this class in a person's system. This testing method is more expensive than the urine test, and requires trained medical personnel to collect a sample. It is the most expensive test to administer, but it is also the most accurate way to determine if someone has been using heroin and other drugs.

A hair test will also provide accurate results when used to check for heroin use. It is less invasive than taking a blood sample and this method is also less expensive. When a hair test is chosen, the results will point to past use, as opposed to what the subject did during the last week or so. It involves taking a small sample of hair for analysis. Opiates don't travel down the hair shaft, so this method can be used to determine the timeline for smack use, if any.

Saliva tests are becoming more popular over time for detecting illicit drug use. The procedure is not overly invasive, since it involves taking a swab from inside the subject's mouth. The issue with this method is that there is no national cutoff standard for determining a positive result, and the results obtained may vary depending on the brand used for testing purposes.

False Positives on Drug Tests for Dope

Some over the counter pain medicines which contain codeine may give false positives, since codeine has a chemical structure that is similar to smack. Other opioids, whether prescribed or not, will also trigger a positive result.

A person who is taking this type of medication under prescription for pain relief should mention that fact to the testing facility before providing a sample. Bringing the prescription bottle and/or providing a note from the doctor who prescribed the medication is a good move.

To learn more about heroin testing times for detox and how long heroin stays in your system relative to different testing methods, visit our drug testing and detection page.

How to Beat a Heroin Drug Test

Many visitors are wondering if they can figure out how to beat a drug test for heroin by looking online for information. There have been reports that a drug test for horse can be beaten by substituting someone else's urine for the test, but as pointed out above, this is much easier said than done.

Some people look to drinking a special solution in an attempt to flush out their system quickly, but this method is far from foolproof. They may even blame their positive test on eating too many poppy seed bagels, but today's tests can determine the difference between ingesting poppy seeds and doing smack.

If using drugs is making someone think about finding ways to beat a screening test, it may be a sign that the price of being a junkie is too high. Other red flags that it's time to do something about drug use are when one's job is threatened or relationships with friends and family members are negatively affected.

Help is available at heroin treatment centers located throughout the country. Addicts can go there to break free from addiction and learn how to live sober, productive lives.

Learn more about heroin detox programs and rehab facilities. Want more information on heroin abuse? Additionally, here is a list of addiction recovery programs such as Narcotics Anonymous. Or, call 1-866-675-4912 to discuss heroin rehab treatment.

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