Ketamine Links

interesting and informative reading materials


» alchemica
James Kent's very informed ramblings on Ketamine

» John Lilly's website
judge 'The Scientist' yourself. Stuff on dolphins is fascinating

» ketamine @
huge and detailed resource, many trip reports

» ketamine @ the lycaeum
another vast online resource


» is your kid on K? (Time, Oct 97)
interesting and relatively open-minded reportage

» Ketamine: Trick Or Treat (The Face, June 92)
a sometime prophetic article by Peter McDermott

» Ket Nip (Phoenix New Times, Jul 97)
stories of K dealing and use

» 2000 Use Of Disco Drug Increases (BBC News Online, June 00)
a report from the BBC on growing recreational drug use on the dancefloor

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