LSD Basics

LSD is a synthetic psychedelic derived from ergot fungus. It is the most powerful conscious-altering substance known to man.

Doses of LSD are measured in micrograms (ug) or millionths of a gram. One ounce of LSD contains enough doses for 300,000 adults. Two suitcases of the stuff would be enough to dose the entire population of the USA.

LSD is colorless, tasteless and odorless and usually comes soaked into blotters - squares or sheets of paper decorated with kooky designs (sunflowers, strawberries, rockets etc). They cost about $7 per 'tab'.

In the 1960s, LSD in small pills (or 'microdots'), gelatin sheets, or in liquid form were common. These forms, however, are extremely rare now.



A lot of mythology surrounds certain 'brands' of LSD. You may hear that "Oh Sunflowers and Rockets are really powerful". Dealers may claim their product is "200 micrograms".

In fact, you can never be sure how much LSD you are taking, since LSD degrades rapidly on exposure to light, air and heat, and the amounts involved are microscopic.

In the US, LSD is categorized under Schedule 1 along with magic mushrooms, cannabis, and heroin. In the UK, it is class A drug.

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