LSD Mixing

LSD is powerful and unpredictable. As a rule, do not mix with other mind-altering drugs, especially if you are inexperienced or far from home.

Please note: there have been very few scientific studies into the effects of combining psychoactive drugs. The information presented here is anecdotal. It is based on the subjective reports of experienced users. Different people will respond differently to different drugs and drug combinations. Know your body.

alcohol takes the edge off the effect and can help you to relax; drunkenness disappears during the trip; large amounts increase the nausea; drinking on the comedown is not recommended

amphetamines not really recommended; LSD has a speedy effect

cannabis dulls the experience in the come-up; heightens the peak; brings back the effect during comedown

ecstasy (MDMA) known as 'candy-flipping'; the E good feeling can reduce the chance of a bad trip but pay attention to E's safety requirements

heroin no information available

mushrooms cross tolerance usually present; not much point in taking other psychedelics at the same time

tobacco no dangers, but you should be aware of the damage smoking is doing to your lungs

tranquilizers police and medical staff are fond of administering Valium and other sedatives to bad trippers; its depressant effects can reduce panic in those experiencing deep anxiety; watch the dose, though; do not combine with other drugs with depressant qualities: alcohol, GHB, ketamine, heroin.

Now with all this information, you might say that, "So you say I shouldn't use, but you provide tips. Why?"

The simple reason is that drug users are not often persuaded from doing something by reading a web page. Our goal is to provide information about the effects and addiction risks of LSD, and LSD addiction treatment options that are useful to those in need, and our tips are merely here to help keep those set on using from succumbing to common pitfalls and dangers of usage.

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