Methamphetamines FAQ

How is methamphetamine different than amphetamine?

Methamphetamine is synthesized from an ephedrine that makes the methyl-amphetamine different than amphetamine.

What is the difference in the “high” I would get from injecting vs. snorting vs. smoking?

Both smoking and snorting (inhaling through the nose) are slower to impact the brain, while injecting methamphetamine will create an almost immediate response to the pleasure centers of the brain and will give the user a much faster “high” than the other two methods.

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Why is there so much methamphetamine available now?

The drug cartels in Mexico and South America have taken over the production of Methamphetamine. Their resources and vast networks for distribution of drugs are more far-reaching today than at any other time in history. The drug is so popular that they can focus much of their attention on sales and manufacture of methamphetamine exclusively.

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What does methamphetamine feel like the first time?

It usually is a pleasant experience for most users. There is a “rush” that increases alertness, much like a giant cup of coffee, only more intense. Heart rate will increase, and energy surges through the body. Thoughts may begin to race, but most people enjoy the experience of being hyper-alert and hyper-awake at first. Over time, it will begin to feel different. However, the onset of use is pleasant, which is why it is so dangerous.

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How can I help someone who has overdosed?

Their heart may go into cardiac arrest. Many times they will have chest pains similar to those of a heart attack. The best thing to do is to call 911 immediately and tell them that you believe someone has overdosed on meth.

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How do I “come down” if I have taken too much and begin to have hallucinations or psychotic thoughts?

The drug will wear off in time. It is important that you NOT attempt to counter the effects with any other drugs or alcohol. All methods of calming yourself will help to stop negative side effects. Deep breathing, sitting quietly and being still are good ways to calm yourself from the feelings and thoughts that may arise. If they become too intense, it may be necessary to go to the emergency room and receive medical attention. Be sure to report what drug(s) are in your system so medical teams can respond appropriately.

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Why do so many meth users have bad teeth?

The drug itself does not cause this problem. It occurs when users clench their teeth, an unconscious response frequently seen by users who have long-term habits. The intensity of the drug’s effects are such that many will clench their jaws and tense body muscles while high. This causes damage to the teeth, such as cracks and breaks. Those who use over long periods also practice poor dietary habits, because Meth is an appetite suppressant. Malnutrition causes even more damage to the teeth, thus the damage that is commonly seen to the teeth of users.

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Why do users appear so gaunt, almost skeletal, looking?

That is the effect of malnutrition and lack of sleep. Many who use Methamphetamine will go for days without eating or sleeping, causing severe weight loss and malnutrition, not to mention the effects of poor sleep. Their eyes will be ringed with black circles and their faces may begin to cave in, due to weight loss and dental problems. Their skin will also gain a pallor that is unhealthy and sallow. Many will have large, open sores over their face, arms, and upper bodies.

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