Mushrooms Addiction

Mushrooms are not physically addictive but you wouldn’t want to take them on a regular basis. As with any mind-altering substance, users confirm that their psychological effects can be so compelling making it hard to resist. A psychological dependency on shrooms is a real possibility, and should not be discounted by users.

Some people turn to psychedelic mushrooms out of curiosity. Others look for a way to escape from negative aspects of everyday living and look to tripping on mushrooms to help them cope with the feeling of being depressed or bored. A third explanation for why some would look to the so-called magic mushrooms is to help them deal with emotional issues.

While tripping on mushrooms, the individual's perceptions are distorted. People familiar with both drugs have described the experience of using mushrooms as a similar but milder trip than they would have on LSD. The user can feel as though time has slowed down, speeded up or even come to a complete standstill. Part of the attraction to using the mushrooms may be that the user feels that they are communicating with a Higher Power. This aspect can be desirable to a person who feels stressed, awkward, uncomfortable or just misunderstood in his or her everyday life.

Building up a Tolerance to Shrooms

Tolerance builds up rapidly with mushrooms. For 24 hours after a trip you have to take twice as much to repeat the same effect. Tolerance lasts about four or five days after the last use. There is also some cross-tolerance with other psychedelic drugs of the tryptamine family (such LSD and DMT) but not Ecstasy or Ketamine.

If a user turns to mushroom as a way to escape from his problems and finds the experience a helpful coping mechanism, the temptation is for him to turn to shrooms instead of finding better ways to deal with the stresses of everyday life. The user's brain also gets used to the pleasant experience that comes with escaping from reality in this way and wants to have it repeatedly.

Signs of Addiction to Magic Mushrooms

Some of the signs of addiction to magic mushrooms are similar to the red flags of addiction to other substances. When a good portion of the user's waking hours are spent thinking about getting or using the shrooms, the person has gone from a recreational user to someone with an addiction issue.

If the individual who has been using mushrooms is experiencing flashbacks in between trips, this is also a sign of addiction. A flashback can occur in a non-drug context when a particular sight, sound or smell reminds the individual of a previous event.

When the flashback is a drug-related one, the individual re-experiences something he saw or felt while tripping. Not everyone who tries shrooms is going to end up getting flashbacks, whether he is addicted or not. These types of flashbacks are not necessarily triggered by a particular sight or sound. It can occur for no logical reason as well.

During a flashback, the person may experience visual distortions similar to the hallucinations he experienced while tripping. In some cases, the flashback is an emotional one, and the individual re-experiences the feelings he had during a trip.

A person may be addicted to using mushrooms when his first response to anything unpleasant in life is to zoom out by using it again. When mushrooms get in the way of doing well at school or at work, this is another sign of addiction.

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