Mushrooms Mixing

Mushrooms are powerful psychedelics and should not, as a rule, be mixed with other mind-altering drugs, especially not by the inexperienced or the far from home.

Please note: there have been very few scientific studies into the effects of combining psychoactive drugs. The information presented here is anecdotal. It is based on the subjective reports of experienced users. Different people will respond differently to different drugs and drug combination. Know your body.

alcohol takes the edge off the effect and can help you to relax; drunkenness disappears during the trip; large amounts increase the nausea; do not drink on the comedown (alcohol is a depressant)

amphetamines increased weirdness; energizing; paranoia usually increased; comedown can be rocky

cannabis dulls the experience in the come-up; heightens the peak; brings back the effect during comedown

ecstasy (MDMA) known as 'candy-flipping'; the E good feeling can reduce chance of a bad trip but pay attention to E's safety requirements

heroin no information available

LSD cross tolerance usually present; not much point in taking other psychedelics at the same time

tobacco up to you, no dangers, but you may be more aware of the damage it's doing to your lungs

valium the police are fond of administering this sedative to bad trippers

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