Questions April 2nd 2001

Some friends and I were busted smoking cannabis and were cautioned and released. Does a caution mean I have a criminal record and does it ever go away?

A caution does mean you have a criminal record, but it is not as serious as a conviction. It does however stay on your record forever, although it becomes 'spent' after about six or seven years. This means that a court cannot take it into account.

How long does cocaine stay in your system?

Cocaine is tested for in the standard drug tests (cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, PCP) and can be detected in urine between 2 to 5 days (24-120 hours) after use.

Can cocaine be absorbed through the skin?

Yes, cocaine can be absorbed through the skin although most readily through exposed soft tissue and thin skins such as lips, gums, and eyes.


I snorted about 500mg in 50-100mg doses over about 2 hours the day after mild Ketamine use and find the effect no more intense than a small 50mg dose. Is it possible to build up tolerance to Ketamine after just one day?

No. Tolerance to Ketamine builds up very slowly, usually over a period of weeks. Snorted nasal doses are known to be variable in effect and hard to measure, and 50-100mg doses are quite small for nasal doses.

My friend ate 2 pure MDMA caps, with no amphetamine or methamphetamine. How long will it be detectable in his system?

MDMA, pure or not, is detectable up to 72 hours after use.

'Majoun' is mentioned in the writings of William Burroughs. What is it?

Majoun is a Morocan pasty fudge with a marijuana base which apparently "delivers the effect of smoking twenty joints at once".