Questions July 2001

What happens to a person when they use LSD every single day for about one year? Are there any long term effects?

First you couldn't use LSD every day. Tolerance builds up rapidly and lasts for three to seven days. Two or three times a week is possible but that is very heavy LSD use. LSD has very few short or long term physical side effects, bar fatigue. Repeated doses can have a profound psychological effect, leaving you detached from normal reality, especially if taken in a recreational, rather than therapeutic setting. You may want to ask yourself: why am I taking LSD so often?

Is there any proof that cocaine can lead to a decrease in the size of your genitalia or is this just a myth?

Cocaine often has the reverse effect, increasing sexual desire while impairing or delaying orgasm. However, a symptom of heavy cocaine abuse is a massive decline in sex drive and activity. Basically it depends on how much you're using it.


Does taking E have anything to do with draining your spinal fluid or back ache?

No. MDMA does not drain spinal fluid and does not cause back ache. This is quite a common myth. Lower back ache after ecstasy use has more to do with dehydration and subsequent kidney discomfort, dancing and exercising for hours, and staying up all night.

What exactly is the dosage for coke?

A line of cocaine is usually around 50-75mg, so visually, 5% of a gram. Some users prefer much larger fat lines though. The picture here should give you a clue.


Here another day I found some 'cipramil' pills at my friends room. I was wondering what kind of effect they give to people who don't really need antidepressive pills.

Cipramil, also known as citalopram, is an SSRI antidepressant (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) in the same class as Prozac (Fluoxetine). These drugs need to be taken regularly and in consistent amounts over a length of time to be effective or for any effects to be felt.

How do I identify non-poisonous mushrooms?

Try this guide here.


I was wondering about the dangers and realities of smoking powder cocaine.. Is this what they call free-basing?

Powdered cocaine can be smoked but it is a very inefficient way of ingestion. Cocaine hydrochloride tends to burn rather than vaporize in high temperatures so the results are weak and unpleasant. This is why freebasing was developed. Freebasing is preparing pure cocaine ("base") for injecting or smoking, usually by dissolving and drawing out the impurities with a strong alkali. Freebasing is pretty dangerous as the chemicals involved are highly explosive and the process requires a lot of skill and specific equipment. Crack cocaine is a cruder form of freebase made with sodium bicarbonate.

I took shrooms 4 times in last 3 weeks. First time was unforgettable but 3 other times I didn t trip at all. What is it with me?

It's not you. It's your body. Tolerance to mushrooms and the active ingredient psilocybin is almost immediate and will last for three to four days. You will have to take twice the amount of mushrooms the next day to achieve the same effect.