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Amphetamines FAQ

» Is 'Ice' or 'Glass' amphetamine? » Why is fake Ecstasy often speed - why isn't it just sold as Speed? » If most street amphetamine is only 5%-10& pure, isn't that very weak? » What about the impurities speed is cut with? Aren't they dangerous? » People call it "poorman's coke" - is that accurate?

Cannabis FAQ

» What is a blunt? » Can marijuana make you sterile? » Is it safe to smoke marijuana during pregnancy? » Should I smoke marijuana and drive? » Can cannabis make you schizophrenic? » Is cannabis getting stronger? » How long does cannabis remain detectable in a urine drug test?

Cocaine FAQ

» What is crack cocaine? » What is freebasing? » Is it safe to mix with ecstasy and other party drugs? » How much do you have to take before it starts to destroy your nose? » Can cocaine be absorbed through the skin? » What is cocaine usually cut with?

Ecstasy FAQ

» Doesn't Esctasy contain heroin, speed and cocaine? » Why doesn't Ecstasy get me high anymore? » How can you know what you are taking? » How long does Ecstasy remain in the body and system? » Is Ecstasy addictive? » How many die from using Ecstasy? Isn't it very risky? » What causes Ecstasy-related deaths? » Does sex on Ecstasy result in impotence or inability to orgasm? » Does ecstasy cause any problems with contraceptive pills?

Heroin FAQ

» Will I became addicted after one dose of heroin? » If you don't inject heroin can you still become addicted? » What is "chasing the dragon?" » What does heroin do to the body? » What's the difference between brown and white heroin? » Is it true that heroin is stronger than it used to be? » Is it true that most addicts have HIV? » Where does heroin come from? » Why do heroin addicts use lemon? » Ask a question


» Should I take LSD? » Is LSD poisonous? » Can a urine drug test detect if I've used LSD? » Will LSD make me want to jump out of a window? » I'm on anti-depressants -- is there any danger? » Can doing LSD destroy your reproductive system? » Is it safe to take LSD during pregnancy? » What's a "bad trip" and how do I avoid one? » What should I do to help someone having a bad trip? » Is it true the LSD is often mixed with stuff like strychnine? » What are flashbacks?

Mushrooms FAQ

» Are magic mushrooms poisonous? » Will a urine drug test detect mushroom use? » How long will mushrooms be detectable on a hair test? » Are freshly picked mushrooms stronger than dried ones? » So mushrooms are legal in the UK then? » What's to stop me going to Amsterdam and bringing some fresh mushrooms back with me? » Is there a good way of disguising the taste? » How do you stop the nausea? » Can you smoke mushrooms? » What is a bad trip and how do I avoid one? » What should I do to help someone having a bad trip? » What are flashbacks? » How many mushrooms should you take? » I took a load of mushrooms (7 grams) recently and had the baddest trip ever. I thought of things like God and death. Is this normal? » I took shrooms 4 times in last 3 weeks. First time was unforgettable but 3 other times I didn t trip at all. What is it with me? » How do I identify non-poisonous mushrooms? » I have recently stopped eating mushrooms. They have made me pass out twice now and I have seen others do the same. It is not a pleasant experience. what causes this black out? » ask us a question (in complete confidence) Are magic mushrooms poisonous? No. Psilocybin mushrooms are not toxic. The National Institute For Occupational Safety And Heath (NIOSH) in the US Psilocybin (641) is rated less toxic than Aspirin (199) and Nicotine (21). However, the main danger is in mistakenly picking poisonous, non-magic mushrooms. Do not gather mushrooms unless you know what you are doing. You can find a guide here Will a urine drug test detect mushroom use? Standard drug tests do not test for the presence of psilocybin. » How long will mushrooms (psilocybin) be detectable on a hair test? Technically between 3 to 5 months after use, but psilocybin is not usually tested for in standard (cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, PCP) or advanced drugs tests (barbituriates, benzodiazepines like Valium). You can find detail drug tests info here

Ketamine FAQ

» So Ketamine is a legal high then? » I heard that Ketamine is just an animal tranquilizer withdrawn from use on people. Isn't that a sign that it's dangerous? » Is Ketamine just another name for Angel Dust (PCP)? » Is Ketamine addictive? » Is it true that some ecstasy pills are really just Ketamine? » Can you smoke Ketamine? » Is it easy to overdose or die taking Ketamine? » Can regular use hurt me? » Will Ketamine show up on a urine drugs test? » How can an anesthetic be so psychedelic?

Questions March 19th 2001

Why do heroin addicts use lemons? The brown heroin commonly seen in the UK doesn't dissolve very easily and is therefore difficult to inject intravenously. Users have to use acids, usually citric acid from lemons, to do so. Marijuana & Ecstasy - how long after use will these drugs show in a blood test? Blood tests are highly accurate but expensive, so most drug tests use urine or hair. THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, is detectable in the urine for up to two days for one-time users to 6 weeks for chronic users. MDMA or Ecstasy, on the other hand, can be detected or up to 72 hours. You can find a very detailed cannabis drug test FAQ here

Questions April 2nd 2001

Some friends and I were busted smoking cannabis and were cautioned and released. Does a caution mean I have a criminal record and does it ever go away? A caution does mean you have a criminal record, but it is not as serious as a conviction. It does however stay on your record forever, although it becomes 'spent' after about six or seven years. This means that a court cannot take it into account. How long does cocaine stay in your system? Cocaine is tested for in the standard drug tests (cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, PCP) and can be detected in urine between 2 to 5 days (24-120 hours) after use.

Questions April 17th 2001

I took a load of mushrooms (7 grams) recently and had the baddest trip ever. While I was alone I thought of things like God and death. Is this normal? 7 grams is a huge dose. Mushrooms are pretty powerful psychedelic substances and, like LSD, they can dissolve the filter or 'ego' between you and the outside world, leaving you open to a flood of new feelings, sensations and thoughts - both positive and negative. It's not unusual to have insights about yourself, the universe, God, and death in this state. Psilocybin (the active ingredient in mushrooms) was used by psychologists in the 1960s to induce a mystical religious experiences and help people over ruts in their lives.

Questions April 23rd 2001

How will smoking cannabis through a bong affect my health? It's better than smoking it in a joint, especially one mixed with tobacco, but not entirely without its health effects. Smoking anything is bad for you. Cannabis smoke actually contains higher concentrations of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) than tobacco smoke, and cannabis smokers generally inhale more, deeper and hold it for longer depositing more than 4 times as much tar on their lungs as cigarette smokers. But then they smoke less cigarettes less often than smokers. Most doctors researching in this area consider chronic cannabis use to be a risk factor in developing respiratory cancer.

Questions May 14th 2001

what exactly is heroin made from? Heroin is made from opium, the juice extracted from the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). Heroin or 'diacetylmorphine' is heavily refined opium On LSD, I occasionally get body twitches and uncontrollable shakes. I am curious as to why this happens and if it is a problem / harmful? There are two possible reasons why this may be happening. Many users of LSD report energy surges or ripples in their body when tripping, often accompanied by psychological 'flashes' or 'insights' or sensation of deep relaxation. If you're interested, Eastern mind-body systems like Yoga call this energy 'prana' and through practice, it can channeled and controlled. LSD can sometimes make you aware of this energy.

Questions July 2001

What happens to a person when they use LSD every single day for about one year? Are there any long term effects? First you couldn't use LSD every day. Tolerance builds up rapidly and lasts for three to seven days. Two or three times a week is possible but that is very heavy LSD use. LSD has very few short or long term physical side effects, bar fatigue. Repeated doses can have a profound psychological effect, leaving you detached from normal reality, especially if taken in a recreational, rather than therapeutic setting. You may want to ask yourself: why am I taking LSD so often?

Questions August 9th 2001

What is the correct way to use a LSD blotter tab? Just swallow it, preferably with distilled water not tap water as even small amounts of chlorine can destroy LSD. Is it possible to test positive for cocaine just from handling or being around others using it? While you can pick up traces of cocaine from bags, bank notes, and other people's hands it is unlikely that these traces could enter your bloodstream and be detected on a drug test. top

Questions November 12th 2001

What are the effects of using cannabis and breastfeeding? How does this affect the child?

Recent Questions Archive

My sister has been using cocaine & ecstasy at the same time and recently her doctor has put her on Zoloft for depression not knowing of the drug problem. Is this a dangerous combination?

Methamphetamines FAQ

» How is methamphetamine different than amphetamine?

Alcohol FAQ

What is the difference between beer and wine versus hard alcohol?

Prescription Drugs FAQ

Will I become addicted to prescription drugs? What drugs are dangerous to mix with prescription drugs? These and many more questions about prescription drugs answered in our FAQ.

Crack Cocaine FAQ

How is crack cocaine different from cocaine? Why does it turn into little rocks? Why do people smoke crack instead of using cocaine? Can you become addicted after using it once? Why do crack addicts look so old/bad? How do you get clean from crack? If I'm pregnant, will crack affect my baby? Why are the laws regarding crack so much tougher than for cocaine? How can I help someone who has overdosed on crack? How is crack cocaine different from cocaine?

Inhalant FAQ

What types of substances are used for inhalants?


What is PCP used for in the medical field? How do I know if I am smoking PCP? What is the risk of having a bad trip on PCP? How can I help someone who has overdosed? How do I “come down” if I have taken too much and begin to have hallucinations or psychotic thoughts?? Why does anyone use PCP? Does stopping PCP cause withdrawals? What is PCP used for in the medical field?