Clutterers Anonymous

For people who go to Clutterers Anonymous meetings, the amount of clutter in their lives is not important. This group offers help to those who want to get rid of clutter and the negative feelings associated with it.

Clutterers Anonymous Overview

Clutterers Anonymous defines clutter as anything in someone's life that they don't use, want, or need that either takes up their time, energy, or space and takes away their serenity. Someone can benefit from joining Clutterers Anonymous without having entire rooms full of stuff; some members who are dealing with clutter have these possessions organized in a neat fashion or have put it in storage. Holding onto the clutter makes the person feel fearful or ashamed, but they are unable to get rid of it.


This organization is not about giving people tips on how to get organized. Rather, it uses a three-pronged approach to this disease: physical, emotional, and spiritual. The recovery process for members of the group is a very personal process. The 12 steps are only suggestions to help members along the way; they are not required components to get well.

Traditions, Steps, and Process

For members of Clutterers Anonymous, the clutter is not the problem. Rather, it is a symptom of a much deeper emotional issue. By attending meetings and working through the 12-step program at their own pace, members can address these deeper issues and learn how to get rid of the clutter in their lives. Sheer willpower alone will not help members of Clutterers Anonymous to eliminate the clutter from their lives.

Effectiveness: Does Clutterers Anonymous Work?

Clutterers Anonymous doesn't keep records of attendance at meetings or publish its success rates. The group contends that if members work through the program and accept the help and support offered, that they will be able to rid their lives from clutter.

Getting a Sponsor

This organization encourages new members to choose a sponsor to help them in their recovery process. A sponsor is someone who has been in the program for a time and who provides support to a new person. Clutterers Anonymous also has buddies who are fellow members that a person can approach for help with his or her daily plan or a project.

Find a Clutterers Anonymous Meeting Near You

The Clutterers Anonymous web site has several resources if you are looking for a meeting. It lists a toll-free number you can call to hear a list of meeting locations. A link is provided for you to click on to find meeting locations on Google Maps and Google Earth. A spreadsheet with a list of meetings is also provided. Clutterers Anonymous members can attend phone meetings, and a list of days and times is listed on the web site.