Neurotics Anonymous

Neurotics Anonymous is a self-help group for people who are struggling with negative emotions. The organization uses a 12-step approach to help members who are living with a mental or emotional illness to heal their lives.

Neurotics Anonymous Overview

Neurotics Anonymous members may have already tried to get treatment for their difficulties but found that taking medications or seeing a psychiatrist wasn't effective for them. Some members of the group were so despondent that they attempted suicide. The organization doesn't refer to its members as being "neurotic" in the literal sense of the word; in this context it means "any person whose emotions interfere with his functioning in any way and to any degree whatsoever as recognized by him."


This group uses 12 suggested steps to help members improve their lives. Neurotics Anonymous uses a similar program to the one used by Alcoholics Anonymous to help its members to deal with their emotional or mental illness.

Traditions, Steps, and Process

Neurotics Anonymous members attend meetings on a regular basis to provide support to each other. The organization is self supporting through donations made by current members and the sale of its literature. It does not accept donations from outside sources.

The group cautions members against expecting that they will be able to achieve an instant recovery after joining the group. Fellow members remind them that setbacks are only temporary and help them to realize that healing takes time, patience, and treatment. 

Effectiveness: Does Neurotics Anonymous Work?

Neurotics Anonymous claims that its program works, but this can't be confirmed since the group's members are all committed to remaining anonymous.

Getting a Sponsor

Sponsorship is a part of 12-step programs. This term refers to a person who has been involved with the organization for some time and who is available to provide support to a newcomer. The sponsor doesn't tell the new person how to manage their own recovery; each person needs to work through their 12 steps themselves.