Online Gamers Anonymous

Members of Online Gamers Anonymous are all trying to break free of addiction to online games. The group is open to people who have had a problem with their use of computer, console, online, or video games. This type of self-help group is also open to friends and relatives of video game addicts who are looking for support.

Online Gamers Anonymous Overview

Online Gamers Anonymous helps people with gaming addictions because the members have all been affected by excessive gaming. They understand how the world of online gaming can take over someone's world. Once the addiction reaches that point, the person needs more than simple willpower or a desire to stop to make their goal a reality.


The group uses a 12-step program to help members to live their lives free from online gaming. Online Gamers Anonymous also uses 12 principles, including honesty, hope, faith, and integrity, in conjunction with the 12 steps. The first step is to admit one's powerlessness over the addiction and turn one's life over to a Higher Power. In the case of Online Gamers Anonymous, the group has a set of 12 steps for atheists and agnostics to follow that don't include a reference to a Higher Power in Step 1.

Traditions, Steps and Process

This group strives to offer support for online game addicts and their families. The organization also provides information about withdrawal symptoms that someone may experience when attempting to stop online gaming. The Online Games Anonymous also publishes a list of books that members have read and recommend to others on the subject of addiction.

Online Gamers Anonymous members use message boards and chat rooms to interact with each other. To do so, members need to create a user account on the group's web site. The group doesn't charge any fees to register or join.

Effectiveness: Does Online Gamers Anonymous Work?

Due to the policy of members remaining anonymous, no success rates for this type of addiction treatment have been published.

Getting a Sponsor

Sponsorship is a part of a 12-step program. Group members who have gone through the 12 steps share their stories and give support to people who are starting their journey toward a life without excessive online gaming. Members must be registered with the Online Gamers Anonymous web site to request a sponsor.

Get Help From Online Gamers Anonymous

Information about getting support from Online Gamers Anonymous is available by visiting the group's web site.