A wellness coach offers an addict different services than either a 12-step program or a treatment facility does. Rather than look back at the addict's past, his or her focus is on the positive future their clients can look forward to.


An issue that comes up with addicts in recovery is that once they eliminate the addiction from their lives, they need to replace the activities they were engaging in to feed the addiction with something else. That's where the wellness coach's services come in. A coach deals with the whole person, as opposed to focusing on the addiction.

What is a Wellness Coach?

Athletes have coaches to help them train so that they can perform at their best. A wellness coach is someone who performs the same kinds of duties for individuals who want to improve their lives. The coach's role is to help their client improve their lives on a variety of fronts, and every time they work with a client, they modify the program to meet that person's needs. 

Approach to Treatment

A wellness coach is focused on helping their client find answers to the questions, "What do you want?" and "How are you going to get it?" Once the client has a clear idea of their goals, they work together to formulate a plan to help him or her reach them. The addict is not a person with a problem to be treated in the eyes of the coach. Instead, they are a person who can look forward to achieving the kind of life they want, with their coach's help and encouragement.

Benefits of Consulting a Wellness Coach

When the addict has gone through a treatment program and is ready to think about the next stage in their lives, the wellness coach can help them to keep their focus on the future and the opportunities that are waiting for them. The wellness coach is someone who is in the addict's corner, so to speak, and the client benefits from having someone to encourage them, as well as having someone who will keep them accountable when working toward their goals. A goal that doesn't have a detailed plan for attaining it is only a wish.

How to Find a Wellness Coach

If you are looking for a wellness coach, you could ask your doctor or your therapist for a referral. An Internet search will help you find a coach in your area. Checking the Yellow Pages for your city will help you find a qualified person as well.