Narconon is an inpatient treatment facility operating in numerous locations in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.

Narconon Overview

Narconon operates under guidelines from the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE). ABLE is associated with L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.


People who turn to Narconon for help with their addiction will be treated without medications given to substitute for the drugs they were taking. Vitamins and minerals are given to help the addict feel more comfortable through the detoxification process.

Traditions, Steps, and Process

The Narconon program was started in 1966. Based on "The Fundamentals of Thought" by L. Ron Hubbard, Narconon was originally used to help inmates in Arizona's correctional system get off drugs. Clients of the program are given a medical evaluation and receive approval from a doctor before starting their treatment at a Narconon facility. Once the approval is given, the addict goes through a supervised, drug-free withdrawal period.

Therapeutic Training Routines (TRs) are the next portion of the treatment program. The client is given a series of drills and what are referred to as practical steps to learn how to cope with issues in their lives without drugs. Clients study TRs with the help of a supervisor.

The Narconon program also includes therapeutic saunas to rid the body of toxins. A dry sauna is used for several hours each day to eliminate traces of drugs from fat cells in the body. Clients also follow a precise exercise program and use specific nutritional supplements as part of their treatment regimen.

Effectiveness: Does Narconon Work?

Narconon claims that 70 percent of its clients are drug free two years after completing the program. The organization also claims that clients who were in trouble with the law before starting treatment have not re-offended.

Controversy and Criticism

The Narconon program is no stranger to controversy. Two clients who were in Narconon facilities in Europe died from epileptic seizures during their stay. In each case, the facility was investigated for failing to provide medical assistance to a person in danger and subsequently closed down.

Famous People & Celebrities Who Have Been in Narconon

Actor Kirstie Alley has credited Narconon with helping her get off drugs. She is the spokesperson for the organization. Singer Courtney Love credited Alley and Narconon in the liner notes for her CD entitled "American Sweetheart." Her actions led to speculation that she had sought treatment in the program for her drug problem.

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For more information about program or to find a list of treatment centers, please visit the Narconon web site.

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