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Searching for cocaine addiction treatment centers? Ready to beat alcohol abuse for good? Maybe behavioral addictions such as excessive gambling or binge eating are taking over your life - and you've had enough.

You're on the right path - brings you a comprehensive directory of both public and private treatment centers, alcohol rehabs, and drug rehabs from around the country. Treatment and recovery listings include affordable options all the way to extremely high end options for recovery and extended care at luxury rehabilitation facilities.

Within our addiction treatment center directory you will be able to review care providers at many drug rehab facilities, find testimonials from previous patients, view facility photos, read our exclusive interviews with staff, and inquire about scheduling a consultation with the treatment facility that is right for you.

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Drug Rehab Ratings and Rehabilitation Center Reviews

Private Room at High End Drug Rehab

It's important to thoroughly review all aspects of the addiction treatment facility before you choose your facility. We back up this belief with a varied treatment review portal that features caregiver and treatment center testimonials, ratings, and reviews. The behavioral, drug, and alcohol rehabs in our directory are rated and reviewed on a variety of factors. With facility and company details, philosophy explanations, pictures of the facilities, and honest recovery patient testimonials so you know how ex-addicts felt, choosing the right place for you to get or stay sober is just a few clicks away.

Drug Addiction Treatment Consultations

People getting an Addiction Treatment Consultation

Once you find drug treatment centers you trust, it's time for getting consultations. There are many types of drug treatments and many varieties of programs, so take the time to learn the differences. Most facilities offer one-on-one patient consultations. It's important to consult with your potential recovery care providers to clarify goals for your detox, recovery, and sobriety and eliminate miscommunication. Be sure to be completely honest so your counselor has all the information they need to provide you with the best plan to beat behavioral addictions, and alcohol or drug abuse for good!

Drug Treatment Centers Overview

With over 20 million people in the United States living with addiction, the need for quality drug treatment centers has never been greater.  But what is it about these facilities that enable them to bring together the drug abusers in the population and drug alcohol addiction treatment, and thus help them break the cycle of addiction?  And what can an individual expect when they sign up for treatment at a drug rehab center?   The following information will help addicted individuals and their families make better, more informed decisions about drug treatment, and insure that the individual in question finds the absolute best care to meet their needs.

Who Can Benefit from a Drug Treatment Center?

Any individual who is unable to stop using drugs despite a knowledge of the damage it is causing them is in need of drug treatment.  In addition, individuals who have seen their relationship crumble, or work performance suffer as a result of drugs needs treatment help immediately.  Finally, if an individual has built up a tolerance to drugs, so that it take more and more of the substance to get “high”, then that individual is at risk for an overdose and needs drug rehab help right now.

What are the Different Types of Drug Treatment Centers?

There are currently a number of different types of drug treatment programs in the United States – each designed to meet the unique needs of certain addicted individuals.  These treatment programs include:

  • residential drug treatment centers.   These can be anything from low-cost to upscale, private facilities that give the individual an opportunity to place intense focus on their recovery by having them move into the treatment center fulltime.  With residential rehab, the individual receives round-the-clock care from treatment professionals in a distraction-free environment that addresses both the physical and psychological components of addiction.

  • outpatient drug treatment centers .  If an individual cannot afford to drop everything and enter into a residential rehab program, outpatient care is an appropriate option.   With outpatient drug treatment, the individual attends counseling during the day, but then returns home in the evening where they can maintain family responsibilities and be closer to their support network.

  • teen drug treatment centers.   These programs admit only young people and address the unique reasons why they become addicted to drugs, including: peer pressure, self-image issues and stress in the home environment.

  • Women’s drug treatment centers.   Gender-specific treatment that gives women a safe place to heal while exclusively in the presence of other women.  Group counseling sessions (and living side-by-side with other women) help form a support structure that greatly enhances the recovery process.

  • Dual diagnosis drug treatment centers.  Individuals who are suffering from addiction and mental illness at the same time require integrated care from different types of treatment professionals.   These dual diagnosis rehab centers address ALL aspects of the individual’s condition.

How Long does Drug Treatment Last?

Although recovery from addiction is a lifelong process, most drug and alcohol treatment programs last between one and three months.   There are also a number of long-term drug rehab centers operating in the United States where it is not uncommon for individuals to stay on for a full year or long and receive treatment.

How Much does Drug Rehab Cost?

The cost of a drug rehab program varies according to a number of factors, but as a general rule, residential treatment is more expensive than outpatient care (the residential facility has significantly more overhead to operate the facility.   The most exclusive luxury residential rehab programs in the world can cost several thousand dollars or more per month to attend.   Outpatient treatment, on the other hand, may only cost a fraction of that and still provide a wealth of quality care options.

Paying for Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

This is a difficult time for families of all kinds.   The financial state of affairs in America has left many people just scraping by.   Adding the cost of a drug treatment program into the equation can be difficult for the addicted individual or their family to deal with.   Fortunately, more and more insurance companies are including addiction treatment in their coverage plans – greatly helping offset the cost of life-saving care.    

In addition, there are a growing number of drug treatment centers that offer private financing to help addicts and their families afford even private drug rehab centers.   These programs break out payments over time, helping the individual and their family to focus less on cost and more on quality of care.